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June 23, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Superman

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Today is my sweet Nick’s birthday. He’ll kill me for this. He’s not used to being acknowledged on his birthday. My idea of a good birthday is a rare steak, a cigar, a beer, a good book, and peace and quiet. I don’t want bells and whistles and hoopla and people singing to me. Or so he says. Granted, he’s been single for the prior years of his life. But, as a friend of his said, he now has family that loves him and wants to celebrate him and he should allow us to do so. Still, he doesn’t like a lot of attention.

So, I’m gradually breaking him in. I allowed him to open his gifts at home last night. I figured opening them at the restaurant would be uncomfortable.

Remember when we shopped for Zed’s birthday? There was a particular item Nick wanted to bring home. Well, he got it.

Along with a few other Superman gift items. I think he was well pleased. Then, Nick, the kids and I went to Outback for dinner. So, he got his steak. Rare of course. But then he went and ruined it with A1. But that’s his thing. The kids and I sang Happy Birthday to him and he smiled. He and Zed hugged too. Zed initiated it. That made me smile.

And, this weekend, we’re going to Kansas City. We’ll see some of Nick’s old friends and have lots of fun.

Happy Birthday Baby. Cake is the best thing. Your love is like cake. Mwah.

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