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June 29, 2006

The Hills

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The hills they are steep. Yes indeedy. But they’re even more steep in Colorado. In fact, there, they’re not even hills. They are mountains. If you recall last August 11 other crazy runners and I traveled to run the Wild West Relay. Well, we’re headed back. Bigger and better this time too. Well, bigger anyway. Last year we were a 12-person team. This year we have a 12-person, a 9-person and a 6-person team. Fewer people on a team means more runing for that team. I’m not stupid. I’m still on the 12-person team.

So last night I ran hills. At Arbor Hills. I love that place. But it was HOT. Damn HOT. So, I was running even slower than my usual snail’s pace. But I hit it on the hills. Head down, and don’t look up till you end up on a flat.

This morning, I ran again. A 1-mile warm-up, then the Nordstrom’s parking garage at the Galleria. It’s supposed to simulate long hills. 6 stories up. And then back down. Ouch! Tomorrow morning I meet with my trainer, and then I plan to try to get in some more hills on Friday night. I think that was the hardest part last year. Or maybe it was the lack of oxygen. Hmmm…can’t breathe versus long hills? Hmmm…

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