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July 3, 2006

Empty Nest

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For the month of July, the Interstellar Casa will house only myself and Nick. Elle and Zed are spending the month with their dad. So far, it’s borderline OK. The quiet is nice, but I miss my kids.

Zed left Friday night. He hasn’t called since. I mean, I know Colorado is nice and all, but I also know that they’re a modern state with all the latest technology. It’s not like he had to take along a tin can and a string. And he knows our home number. Zed, call me sweetie! Pretend that you at least miss me a little bit. For your mom’s sake. I hope he didn’t drown under all his luggage. He could be somewhere trapped under all his bags.

Elle was dropped off Saturday evening. Since her dad’s not real interested in going to her soccer games, I took her (it’s better than World Cup action I tell ya!) and then dropped her off. Maybe she was done with spending time with me, but I had to ask her to come back outside for a hug and a kiss. We has spent part of the afternoon in the nail salon, having matching manicures and pedicures done. I know she likes the nail art, so we had matching hearts added to our big toes.

She called last night, crying. Just 24 hours later, she missed Nick and I. We both talked to her for a few minutes. She calmed down and was reminded she would see us for dinner on Thursday.

I miss my kids.

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