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July 6, 2006

On a Rant

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I’m not usually bitchy, but I’ve seen some things over the last few days that really have got my dander up. So here I go.

Peeing on the toilet seat: Ladies, I know we all have public potty phobias. And I know some of you like to hover. But dammit, if you spray on the seat, wipe it off when you’re done! You hover because you’re afraid of what’s on the toilet seat, but then you leave your bodily fluids for the next person??? I mean really, there’s no sense in that. And before you say it’s just ‘flush spray’, a clear drop is flush spray, a yellow puddle is urine.

Monitoring your teens Part One: On the evening of the 4th, Nick and I stopped to buy a lottery ticket. As I was inside paying, I see a girl, who, had I not seen her get in the car and drive, I would have assumed was about 14. I’ll give her barely 16 though for the driving. She was all dressed up and ready to go out. In a micro-mini skirt, heels, and more makeup and jewelry than a Barbie doll. Why would a parent allow their child to dress so provocatively? I can’t figure it out, unless the parents weren’t home.

Monitoring your teens Part Two: Nick and I were at Starbucks last night, and three teenagers sat at a table next to us. Two boys and a girl. The first thing I hear out of the girls’ mouth is If a cop catches me with cigarettes I just tell them I’m detoxing from heroin and it’s part of my treatment. The next thing I heard out of her mouth was I steal all the time. Today I stole two pregancy tests. Then a continuous stream of profanity, more talk of stealing, drugs, sex and profanity. What the hell!?!? Again, the girl appeared to be around 15 or 16.

Wearing appropriate clothing for your body: I like to look just as hot and sexy as the next gal, but I know what I can and can’t wear. To the lady at Target last week: Seeing your belly roll over your jeans under your half-shirt was not attractive. To the lady at dinner last night: Seeing the bottom curve of your butt cheek under your skirt was not attractive. Please, please, please! Wear clothing that fits. Wear clothing that is flattering. You will look more attractive in something that is flattering and fits than if you’re wearing something that your body oozes out of.

Manage your children: I have kids. Mine are not allowed to get out of their seats and run around in restaurants. Mine are not allowed to pull items from shelves at the store. Mine are not allowed to scream at the top of their lungs the entire time that I’m shopping. Your children should not be allowed to do these things either. I don’t care if you can ignore them, I can’t. Come back later when they’ve had a nap and learned some manners.

Remember Customer Service?: Do not talk on your cell phone while you’re ringing up my purchases. Do not eat a candy bar while you’re ringing up my purchases. Do not talk to your friend at the other register while you’re ringing up my purchases. Do not sigh, roll your eyes, smack your gum, or check your nails while you’re ringing up my purchases. You can talk to your friends, eat and smack your gum while you’re on your break.

There. I’m done for now. Thank you for listening.

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