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July 14, 2006

Ever Dance Naked in the Pale Moonlight?

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There’s a certain thrill in danger; in doing something outside of the expected. Some people can push that limit, test the boundaries, slip into the wild side.

I’m usually a spectator to those people. A thousand times I’ve thought of a response to someone’s comment but didn’t dare say it. I’ve been tempted to stand up in the middle of a restaurant and yell, just to see how people reacted. A part of me wants to do the unexpected so that people can never take me for granted.

Most people mellow with age. That youthful desire for going beyond limits leaves them and they grow comfortable with routine and conformity. I think I’m experiencing the opposite. My mom ingrained in me: Do the right thing. Don’t let other people down. Do what’s expected of you at all times. Don’t disturb the waters. And I always tried to. And I was always so disappointed in myself if I let others down or chose the unexpected.

And now, I think I’m becoming more daring. How so you ask? The other night, Nick and I were on the front porch, talking. It was dark. Very late. Our street is very quiet after dark. I’d had a couple of beers. The liquid courage combined with something inside me, and I did it.

I took off my shirt. And my pants. And my bra. And I danced in my front yard. Under the moon. Yes, I did. And I felt free.

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