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July 18, 2006

I Feel Whiney

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And it has nothing to do with the 3/4 bottle of wine I drank last night. For $6.99 a bottle, it wasn’t too bad. Nick thought it was a little dry, but it went well with the rib-eyes I grilled.

Yes, I grilled, in the 100+ degree heat. It’s not like I had to stand over the flame-pit for more than two minutes at a time though. So it wasn’t all bad. But, I’m feeling whiney because of the heat.

I live in Texas. I should be used to this. But there’s no reason it should be this damn hot! We didn’t get much of a winter this year, so I’m feeling like last summer never ended. Caught in the perpetual summer. That’s us Texans.

This week’s forecast, like most of the country, shows numbers all above 100. Until Friday. And on Friday it will be a downright-chilly 97. Better break out the parka. My electric bill for the month is $230. Not bad you say? I have a small house. One level. But Nick keeps the thermostat set at 65. His sexy hairiness also leads to him being extremely sensitive to heat.

So, I would normally whine and say I want to live somewhere like New England where it doesn’t get hot in the summer, but I understand it’s fairly warm there too. Let’s see…in Helena, Montana, today’s heat-wave high is 93. I wonder if I could deal with that?

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