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July 20, 2006

And I swam!

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Elle and Zed went on a field trip yesterday to our local Mega Water Park. There are a few smaller water parks geared more for families, where I think I would have felt a little more comfortable that they were going. But nooooo. They had to go to the Mega Water Park.

Zed’s a good swimmer. I don’t have to worry about him as much. But, despite summer after summer, Elle is still a bit trepidacious in the water. At her end-of-year soccer pool party, she was jumping off the diving board with a pool noodle. Wouldn’t jump without it though.

So, of course, when I hear that they’re going to Mega Water Park, I immediately start to panic on the inside. So many people, so many kids, so much water. And Elle clinging to a pool noodle. I took them swimming over the weekend, and felt better, as Elle’s been spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, and seemed to have a better grasp on swimming.

Last night I picked them up from their daycamp, and they were both on one piece. At dinner, I asked:

Me: So, what was your favorite ride?
Elle: The Black Hole was scary!
Me Thinking: That one has rafts. Whew.
Elle: The Twister was fun too.
Me Thinking: Also has rafts. Whew!

Then she said it.

Elle: But the best one was the blue chutes. You go really really fast and I landed in 12 foot water!

My heart skipped a beat. My face went pale. I knew exactly the blue chutes of which she was speaking. They do indeed go fast, and you do indeed land in very deep water.

Elle: And I swam!
Me: Well I should hope so!

Evidently, she also went down the chute that was closest to the ladder, and her group leader went down the chute next to her at the same time. But still! Like I said, Zed swims fine. It’s Elle I worry about. She’s actually using arms and legs when she swims under water, and she can sort of free-style swim, and her back float is much better than last summer. But she still can’t tread water, and she does start to panic from time to time and then all her abilities go out the window.

Deep down I knew she would be fine. But it was the panic-er in me that freaked out. What if something happened? I won’t be there to watch her! And of course, no one can watch my kids as good as I do. I’m overprotective. I know it. I need to let go and let them spread their wings. But it’s so hard.

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