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July 26, 2006

Ready the Ear Plugs

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I’m going to try to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of my home for the next five days. Elle and Zed return from the Ex Monday evening. Supposedly, Zed’s been doing a lot better at ignoring his sister’s torments. Maybe the tormenting will eventually die down a bit as well.

But starting August 10, I plan to start wearing ear plugs.

Last night Nick and I went to our local musical instrument supply store and signed a rental contract on a Selmer model CL201 B-flat clarinet. Yes. We are destined to be the proud parents of a budding clarinetist. The clarinet has an interesting history. There are many varieties, and it appears to be quite the regional instrument.

We geared up with a music stand, a music book, reeds, a thumb pad – to ensure correct thumb resting, cork grease, a cleaning brush, and other various odds and ends that all fit in a nice case slightly larger than a lunch box. The one thing we forgot though was the ear plugs. Evidently though, the initial squeaking and squawking should give way within a couple of months to a more melodious sound.

I’m just glad he doesn’t play something brass or the drums.


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The truck is unpacked and now all I have to do is re-organize everything. Whew! It was frustrating there for a bit, but hopefully I’ll be happier with the end product. No, not my house silly! My blog! It’s all very plain right now and some of my “features” are missing, but I’m muddling through it and it doesn’t appear anything is lost. I’ll give you the new URL when I’m all done! Mwah!

Update: I think I’m done! Please come see me here and update your blogroll!

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