Interstellar Adventures

July 28, 2006


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When I met Nick, he regularly attended a Thursday night writing group. Nick writes great poetry in a kind of observational, beatnik style. He’s read me some things that have really blown my socks off. But evidently, since he met me, rather than becoming his muse, I’ve become like a bottle stopper. He doesn’t write much anymore. He’s posted some of his writing here. I wish he would post more. Especially some of his older work. He has a great voice and a great talent. I’ve let him take a break, but now I’m going to give him a kick in the pants and tell him to get writing. Momma wants a new car. Yes, I have purely selfish reasons.

And I too have been sitting on an idea for a book. Really a collection of snippets. Like if each day of your life was a piece of paper folded up in a jar, and someone was reaching in and pulling out a day, the day would be one part the story. You don’t get the whole story, just random days. I got the idea from one of Bone’s posts, asking If you could step back in time and re-experience a moment in your life what would that experience be. You can’t change it, just experience it. Why did you choose that moment? My response was the post One Moment. This will be a story in my book. But I reworked it for the Thursday night writing group, and I read this last night. I have a little more tweaking to do to it, but the meat of it will stay.


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