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July 31, 2006

1 month, 3 rooms, 6 projects

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Redecorate Elle’s Room: check

New Front Room Furniture: check

Paint Front Room: check

Redecorate Zed’s Room: check

Master Closet Reorganize: check

New King in Master: the catalyst

Elle and Zed come home in the morning, and we’re nearly done. Elle and Zed’s rooms are finished, and the front room crown moulding needs the nails counter-sunk, puttied and painted, and that will be done.

After he saw Elle’s room, Zed asked if he could pick what he wanted to do with his room. Of course! So he and I picked out the paint colors together. He wanted to go with the Superman theme of the sheets he’d gotten for his birthday. He had several of the posters already, but they were put on the wall with thumbtacks. Nick did a great job getting the frames on, and he also put that bed together. In addition to the bookshelves, there are also three drawers under the bed. Storage! There are more photos in the Home photo set on my Flickr.


Elle’s room got the memo strips put up, and her new surfboard rug is down. I’ve ordered some pillows from, but they haven’t arrived yet. 😦


And, finally, what started it all. Nick got his king-sized bed after begging for months. We also found some cool shelves and hung those. I’m looking for different stuff to put on them, but that’s not urgent at the moment. I grabbed some stray candles and whatnot from around the house.

Is there any such thing as painters cramp? For the forseeable future, I’m done with the redecorating. Except that on our last trip to Lowe’s, we picked out the colors for the living room! YIKES!

And, if all goes well, within the next month or so, we will have bought our house from my ex-Father-in-Law. We’re getting a very good (signifcantly below appraised value) deal on the house, and while it will probably only last us another four years, it will set the foundation for something bigger once Elle gets into junior high. That’s the plan anyway. Zed has moved schools three times, and I don’t want to move him anymore. Please pray that everything goes smoothly with us getting this house. We know that foundation work has to be done, and thankfully my ExFIL is going to pay for that. Besides that, we don’t know of any impediments to getting the loan cleared, so let’s hope it stays that way!

P.S. Nick posted.

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