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August 1, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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As I said last week, I think I’m going to have to make this a weekly topic. The Tuesday Stew. I may rant about one topic, or I may find a miriad of minutae that gets my goat.

They’re baaack: Elle and Zed I mean; aka Alien 1 and Alien 2. Yesterday morning their dad dropped them off. On the way home last night, we stopped at the store. This is where they turned into Aliens. We had been discussing dinner on the way to the store, and they were begging me to go to a restaurant. Evidently their dad “cooked” almost the entire month. I used the quotes because evidently he “cooked” pizza, corn dogs, tuna casserole, pasta with buttered noodles and the like. “Did he ever give you any vegetables?” I asked. That would be a no. But he did give them banannas. Well OK, that makes it all better. This from a guy who munches on rabbit food and works out excessively, and he’s feeding his kids junk. And after I’ve already asked him to work on having them eat better, especially since Zed gained at least 15 pounds after his dad moved out.

So, in the store, they’re picking up junk. Complaining about what I’m going to cook. And Elle Alien 1 is having a stomping, pouting, crying, “I don’t want to be your daughter”, “sell me in the garage sale”, hiding behind displays kind of temper tantrum. One lady who saw me swat her butt once already stopped me after the third such display of I-want-this-but-I-can’t-have-it” and said “Boy! She’s really pushing the envelope tonight isn’t she?” I responded politely “Well, they did just get home after a month with their father.” The woman’s response? “Ahhhh, I see.” No further explanation necessary.

Alien 2 did an about-face in the mouthing off department. He has a serious issue with constantly challenging my decisions, and before he left he had gotten so much better with keeping his mouth shut. Last night it was flappin’ in the wind. But, after a brief reminder from Nick on the merits of following directions and not talking back was sufficient.

We’ll see how tonight goes.

There is a special hell for these people. I must warn you that this story is disgusting and vileThese two will burn to extra-crispy. The mother has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. The father has been sentenced to five life sentences plus 96 years and is ineligible for parole. And personally, I don’t think it’s enough. These are their own children. And there are others who abuse children and are released back out into our neighborhoods. My Zip Code alone garnered 66 offenders. These people should not be allowed to roam our streets. I don’t believe that they can be rehabilitated. Period.

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