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August 7, 2006

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!

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My baby sister turns 21 today! She’s all growed up! Kinda. For the most part at least. And I am so proud of her!

I saw her come into this world. Yes, I really mean SAW her come in to this world. My brother, sister and I were there, stopwatches in hand, timing contractions. My brother got cranky and bored (who can blame him…he was 4) and my other sister got scared (my mom did labor with no meds!). But not me! I was down with the action! The doctor kept telling me to move. I was in his way. I saw her squirm her way into our lives 21 years ago today. She looked really gross and slimy then. Not so much now. She’s really rather cute, don’t you think?

Baby Sister

And she does way cool art. In fact, I’m getting my long-promised piece from her tonight (her birthday and I’m getting a present too! I worked it well!). I wish I had one-one-hundredth of the artisitic talent that she has.

Woman on Sofa

She’s gone from my sweet baby sister, to my annoying, bratty little sister, to a gangly tween, to an overly-opinionated teen, to a beautiful young woman. She has brains and drive and determination and beauty and talent. I admire the person she is becoming. She has a good head on her shoulders and has a huge heart.

I love you little sister! Happy Birthday!

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