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August 8, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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michaelm, Serendipity, my sweet hubby, Jen, and Dorothy all correctly guessed that Qapla’ is Klingon for “Success!”. Now, if you can name another movie besides a Star Trek movie in which that word was used, you get even more nerd bonus points. And no fair guessing Nick, because I alread clued you in.

And now for my Tuesday rant. This has been a good week for a couple of irritating items.

Pick up yo stuff! Nick and I went to Target last Thursday, shopping for some odds and ends. We found backpacks for the kids, but only after stepping over backpacks left, dropped, thrown, and strewn across the floor. I cannot believe people are such slobs! You pick something up, you look at it, you put it back where you found it. These are simple lessons that people should have learned in kindergarden. I can’t decide if it’s worse if the parents made the mess (they should know better) or if kids made the mess (their parents should be teaching them!).

Put your hood up! Also found at Target: Gang graffiti on the back of the family bathroom door. I was using the family bathroom because I was too lazy to haul my ass all the way to the back of the store. I close the door, and what do I see in ugly mustard yellow paint? Illegible letters that I can only be the name of some gang. In.My.Target. I wish I would have caught those little bangers, because I would have kicked their butts up and down the store. I love my Target! Keep your nasty trashy dumb gang out of my Target! Take it to Wal-Mart!

¿Habla inglés? I nearly had to ask the cashier at Chipotle this question. She spoke to me in grunts and half sounds. Either a) she was mute, or b) she couldn’t speak English. Hola! In my country, we speak English. I have a resonable expectation that I can be served by English-speaking employees. I have a reasonable expectation that when my total is $16.17 and I hand you $20.02, I can a) get the correct change back the first time and b) get back three dollars, three quarters and a dime, rather than three dollars, two quarters, three dimes and five pennies…and yes I know the change was there. I could see it in the drawer. Everyone knows when you give pennies it’s because you don’t want them back in your change!

Play! If you’re going to come sit down and play poker, play. Don’t futz with your iPod or your PSP. Don’t cause mis-deals or other players to play out of turn because you’re not audibly declaring your intentions. Oh, I know, it’s supposed to be mental or whatever, but when you cause a distraction to the course of the game and there are four mis-deals before the first break because of you…I’m gonna get pissed.

Responsibility: I updated this post to add this after I found it on Snotsucker’s site. Any parent that is dumb enough to give their child two droppers-full every four hours deserves to be arrested for injury to a child, not awarded $5 million dollars in damages. And if the doctor recommended two droppers-full every four hours, he deserves to have his license revoked. Outrageous!

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