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August 9, 2006

First Day of School

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First Alternate Title: Chaos Reigns

Second Alternate Title: My Tax Dollars Pay for this Crap!?

Today was the first day of school! Elle started second grade and Zed started sixth grade. The school supplies were labelled last night, back packs packed, showers and baths given, clothes laid out at the ready. That will be the last time that happens this school year. I’m totally peeved that I didn’t realize that my lens AND my viewer were fogged up.

We managed to make it out the door after one missing lunch box (hmmm…Zed, why was it on the floor under the comforter of your unmade bed?) and a dispute over who would put the sandwich in the baggie. I have to mediate this kind of crap? Traffic to Elle’s school was horrendous. But, I managed to score an up-front parking spot on the street. Bonus!

We located her class and got her settled in. Her locker was broken…obviously…so why it was assigned in the first place I’ll never know. But her Supergirl backpack was hung next to her lunchbox, and she sat down in her seat and started her work. My baby…sniff. Check out that smile!


Zed’s morning was much more dramatic. We parked across the street, and I took my last picture of him there. Against my mom instincts to take pictures inside, I knew he needed all the cool points he could get, so I left the camera in the car. The sacrifices I make. Have you ever seen such a cool kid? That look on his face says “I’m cool!”.

The teachers at the front door were directing kids and parents were to go. We needed a new schedule because Zed was put in the wrong band class…he’s playing clarinet but was assigned to the tuba class. For that, you need to go to the counselor’s office. Zed and I go to the counselor’s office. After waiting for a couple of minutes, we’re told the counselors are in the gym. So we go to the gym. No, the other gym. Who knew there were two gyms. We wait in the 6th grade counselors line. At our turn, we explain that he was assigned to the wrong band class and that he’s supposed to have a new schedule. She checks her stack. No Zed. She takes his name, student ID and band instrument. But we still need a reprint of the other. I made a huge error in judgement in thinking that they would actually have done what they needed to have done and didn’t figure that we’d need the old schedule. Just one more thing to lose. And it has his student ID AND locker combination printed on it, so I didn’t want that extra floating around.

Instructions to ask for Robyn and an Aggie Schedule were given, and Zed and I went to the front office. I talk to the first lady in the office. Do you have your blue slip? No, I’m wearing pants today, I don’t need a slip. Oh, you mean a slip of paper. No, we weren’t given a slip of paper. You need the slip of paper.

Zed and I walk back to the gym. The line is 15 people long. I’m not waiting. I march around the line to the counselor. They said we need a blue slip of paper. Blue slip? I don’t know anything about that. Just ask for Robyn.

We walk back to the front office. Stand at the back of the line. After a moment, a woman I can only assume is Robyn stands up and states: If you don’t have a blue slip with a password, I can’t print your schedule. My stress level rises, and I speak up from the back of the line. I’ve been to the counselor twice. The second time she said she didn’t have any blue slips. I was told to ask for Robyn and an Aggie Schedule. Robyn heaved a huge sigh and told me to come to the front of the line. I could feel the daggers of other parents’ eyes, stabbing me in the back with imaginary darts. Last name? L A S T N A M E. Zed? Yes, please. Printing. Then Robyn turns to the first blue slip woman and instructs her to go tell the counselor she’s doing it wrong.

I take Zed’s schedule and look it over, realizing he’s already been switched. Nice person that I am, I go to tell the counselor that his schedule is already changed, and she can mark him off her list. She sees me and said They still didn’t give it to you? No, I told her. His schedule is already changed. You can mark him off your list.

I resisted the urge to hug and kiss my boy all over his little head, but again, I wanted to reserve any cool points he may have.

On my way out the door, I hear another teacher tell another student that they need to go to the counselor’s office to pick up their schedule. I turn to her and tell her that they actually sent us to the gym and the counselors are in there with the schedules. As I walked away I hear Well, they can just tell them in the counselor’s office. I felt my eyes melt out of my head and my body combusted in disbelief.

I can’t wait to see what the elementary car-pick-up-route holds for me later today.

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