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August 10, 2006

We Survived

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Just barely. I’m not going to talk about the 25 minutes that I spent, jammed 4 cars wide on a two-lane road, and the fact that a sudden “no left turn policy” by a temporary traffic director caused that delay in my afternoon. Not going to talk about it.

Elle was cheery and happy as she climbed in the car. I was not. But I smiled anyway and was excited to hear about her day. She nodded enthusiastically when I asked if she had a good day, and was ready to go home and get her homework done.

She sat down to do her homework, and I sat down to continue work. Zed wouldn’t be home for at least another 45 minutes. He was walking and going to practice using his house key. I heard the key in the lock right on time. Whew!


Today my good friend Judy and 26 other runners are leaving to run the Wild West Relay. Last year we only took one 12-person team to Colorado. This year there’s a 12-person team, a 9-person team, and a 6×6 Ultra team. I had originally planned to go on the 12-person team this year. I was running, training, and seeing Dr. Pain. But my sciatic nerve problem kept getting worse. I’m so disappointed. In fact, this morning I cried. I had so much fun running that race last year and it meant a lot to me to go again. I know there’s always next year, but I’m so disappointed in myself and the situation. Next year. Next year. I’m working on my plan. It involves a lot of running.

P.S. No one has guessed at the movie (besides a Star Trek film) that featured Qapla’. Doesn’t anyone know? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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