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August 11, 2006

#1 Search Terms

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First off, congrats to the Power G**glers that figured out that Team America: World Police is the movie other than a Star Trek film that uses Qapla. Nick made me watch it. It was awful. Interestingly enough, or not, the night after I posed this bit of trivia, I was watching Southpark, and it was used again…this time by a cuckoo-for-coco-puffs Mel Gibson running around in his underwear and shouting “Qapla! Qapla! Qapla!”. It premiered before recent incidents as well…funny!

We all have stat counters, and we all watch our hits go up, and we all wonder how people get to our site. I’ve had some funny ones, but unlike Lucinda (or Lindsay, whichever you prefer, she still rocks) I’m not creative enough to come up with a really juicy snark on people. Plus it would look like I’m totally stealing one of her segments. I am not a thief! But I was noticing I’m getting a lot of hits from search terms, and so I G**gled them to see where I fell in ranking. The following search terms resulted in me being the #1 hit.

  • Workout Divas – I snark on these two ladies at the gym just one time, and look!
  • + “i love pantyhose” =blog – Great. Now the fetish people have me in their crosshairs.
  • teen baby sister – Uh. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.
  • “dr pain” blog – Again with the fetish. I really must find a new nickname for him.
  • wild west relay pictures – Your one-stop-shop for all the greatness that is the Wild West Relay. Next year, next year.
  • autumn equinox 15k – Maybe the race directors should advertise with me. Give me money!
  • why leg goes numb when running – Well, if I have to have a sciatic nerve issue, at least it’s getting me hits.
  • “interstellar lass” – Gasp! People are actually looking for little ‘ol me?!? Shocking!
  • “funny menu names” – Well, who doesn’t want a chuckle over dinner? Good way to break the ice on a first date.
  • dancing naked in the moonlight – Doesn’t everyone?
  • ta daaaa – A dramatic exclamation never felt so good!
  • “lacy pink bra” – I don’t own one!

So there you go. I’m sure there are more, and there were a few I was too scared to search. Naked mechanical bull riding? Uh no. Thanks. Actually…on second thought…

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