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August 13, 2006

For your 21st Birthday, We’re Taking You…

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On Friday night, my mom, my sister Nikki, my cousin Desi, my sister’s friend Andi and I took out my little Baby Sister Britlee to celebrate her 21st birthday. Man, it sucked being the oldest to turn 21, because I didn’t have a totally rockin’ cool older sister to plan a totally rockin’ cool night for my birthday!

Our final destination was a secret. Dinner was first. I scouted a few restaurants on our handy dandy web site. Then I gave Britlee the choice between two genres of food, and she picked Greek. So we went to Opa! Grill and enjoyed an excellent dinner. The place was BYOB, so I made a stop at World Market and picked up five bottles of wine for forty dollars! Red Bicyclette Syrah (France), Toad Hollow Le Faux Chardonnay (France), Almira Los Dos (Spain), Famega Vinho Verde (Portugal), and Pillar Box Red (Australia). Desi loved the Pillar Box Red, and the Red Bicyclette Syrah was good too. But, my favorite was the Famega Vinho Verde. Very crisp, very light, very refreshing. The other two we didn’t get to bust into, so I’ll have to give those a try here soon.

Besides the waiter that hit on Britlee, and the other waiter that asked me for my Blender Hollandaise recipe, and the lady at the table catty-corner to us that kept giving us dirty looks, we had a fun time at dinner. The food was good and we had some really good laughs. And other than Britlee gettin’ a little crazy with the birthday Baklava, we didn’t have any incidents.

From dinner, we headed to our (more…)

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