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August 15, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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I almost forgot! Quick…what to rant about…

Do you take installment plans? My front passenger seat broke on Friday night. Just as I was leaving for the party too. I dropped my car off yesterday at 5:30. Service at my VW dealership is open till midnight. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more for them to call me to give me the estimate. To put the spring back on the seat adjustor. I thought for sure they’d have it looked at quickly and at least let me know. No.Such.Luck. I finally called them around 9:30 pm. It would be ready at 10:30 pm (if you could tell me this so quickly when I called, how come you hadn’t called me already???) and would cost $150. They had to remove the seat to fix it and that was the labor charge. Then, at 10:20 pm, they called to tell me it was ready. And it would be FREE! Some guy there knew how to fix it without taking out the seat. Evidently they see a lot of this issue there. And while I was at the shop, waiting for them to pull it around from the free wash, I heard another service manager calling someone to tell them it was going to be $730 to repair their alternator. Oh, but they took 10% off. How nice. Holy Crap! This is the same place that was going to charge me $110 for four spark plugs and an air filter. Gulp! I sure hope Nick can replace my alternator if it ever goes out.

You want to buy some candy? Nick and I were eating dinner at a restaurant last Wednesday. We’re sitting in the bar area, munching on some calamari. Then I see this kid walk in the side patio door with a box of M&M’s. He walks right up to us and asks us if we want to buy some candy. First, HELL NO. I hate these people that use little kids to solicit candy. Akin to child prosititution in a way. I’ve read stories about these rackets that people set up where they work these kids all day long, don’t have them in school, and don’t care for the kids. Second, I’m not in a parking lot! I’m in a restaurant! I couldn’t find a manager fast enough before the kid left.

If you feel marriage is under attack, press 1. I checked my voice mail last night, and I had this horrendously long message on my phone. It was an automated message supposedly from the National Campaign to Stop Same-Sex Marriage. At first, I was really pissed off. Someone calling me, posing as a ‘concerned mother of three’, spouting lies ‘if the marry in Massachusets they can move to any other state and still be married’, and spreading bigotry and hatefulness. Then, I found this. It turns out that these yahoos are a telemarketing company that are going to stop gay marriage if you switch your long-distance and internet. Talk about bait and switch! Supposedly they are anti-porn industry too. What a racket!

I’m too old for this! For some reason, last week my skin got all wonky, and I think I had at least 5 zits workin’ on my face. I washed, masqued  (Hi! I’m Smurfette!), clarified and babied my face. And then yesterday, just as I thought it was clearing up, I get one of those painful under-the-skin pimples! It hurt to put makeup on this morning. I’m too old for this crap!

Come on…what got your goat this week?

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