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August 16, 2006

What Did You Do?!?!

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One thing Nick and I used to share is the fact that we both had angioma’s on our head. Yeah, something you all wanted to know. Mine is small and right on my hairline. Nick’s was larger and under his hair. Every time he went to go get his hair cut, he’d point it out, and they’d still bump it with the comb. So, he went to see a doctor. And today, he had it removed.

So, where I left for work with my honey looking like this:

I came home and he looked like this: (more…)

Knitting Pretty

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Since I finished my last baby project, I’ve since found out two more people I know are expecting babies. My good friend M, and my boss. Both are due at around the same time in December, so if I want to not be knitting till 3 am the night before their baby shower, I decided I’d better get started.

My friend M is a dear. She was my client at an old job, and we quickly became friends. This is going to be her first baby, and she is super excited. She’s an aunt four times over, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mommy! She also went to the shower where the Anouk pinafore was the gift, so she knows what type of gift she’s getting. She’s expecting a boy, so I’ve selected a sweet little cardigan and a personalized baby blanket. I’ve got the back and two front panels of the cardigan complete. But, this yarn is fuzzy and it’s difficult to see my stitches, so before I do any more, I’m going to need help from my yarn store. So, I’ve started on the blanket for now. Basic stitches, no color joins, and I don’t have to think that hard while I do it. Perfect.

For my boss, I’ve selected a pattern I found on a bl*g. The instructions are written very well, and I think this came out so lovely. Except I chose blues and greens for my stripe pattern. I’m really crossing fingers on this one because of the color choice and the fact that I could not find the yarn specified. I found something that should knit up to gauge, but you never know!

P.S. I was really hoping for a girl for M, because I wanted to make this. That, and M has tons of hair. It’s gorgeous and thick and she has all kinds of hair toys. I was picturing a mini-M in my mind! If you know anyone with a baby girl on the way, clue me in, k? I think it’s just too sweet and too darling.

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