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August 19, 2006

Visiting Fort Worth

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Saturday, Nick and I went back to visit Fort Worth again. This time, we went to the Fort Worth Home & Garden Show. It was held at the remodeled Fort Worth Convention Center. Years ago, my dad graduated from TCOM at a ceremony held there. I don’t think I’d been in it since.

The Garden Show wasn’t as good as I expected. I was expecting more swag, and I only ended up buying one product while I was there. I did get some good ideas for things I need to do to the house, and entered a couple of drawings. Of course, these days most of them require you to attend a time-share sales pitch. Don’t people just give away shit for free anymore?

After, and despite the heat, we went down to Sundance Square. It’s a very nice, re-established area of the Fort Worth downtown area. I think it’s probably better at night, but during the day, it was rather dead. There were restaurants aplenty, but the shops that were there were all closed. We thought about going to the Botanic Gardens again.

BUT, once we got back to the car, we ran into an issue.


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