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August 21, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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Arrr. Here we go again.

Hold me back! If you’re going to bring your children to the big, indoor playground, otherwise known as Ikea, on a Sunday afternoon, DO NOT let them push the trolleys. Do not let them “surf” each other around the aisles. Do not let them run around, pulling shit off of shelves and leaving it in the aisle. The aisles are narrow enough. I don’t need to be tripping over crap that’s meant to be hung up. And I don’t need my ankles torn up being run over by little Johnny and his pirate ship trolley cart.

Hold me back, again! I know. Hitting children that aren’t mine is a no-no. That’s why I held myself back and just glowered at the child that threw a tea-light candle at me. There I am, in Ikea, minding my own business, waiting to check out, and there. There went something, hitting my left leg and bouncing off. I look up. And across the checkout display to my right, a little girl is ducking behind the giant box of tea-lights. WTF?? Not only is this brat throwing shit at strangers, but she’s opening packages of product that her momma isn’t buying? I stared her down. Yeah. No 6-year old is throwing shit at me and getting away with it. And then she was running between the aisles, grabbing papers and throwing them on the floor, and then. To top it all off. Her mom was going to get her ice cream after the child exhibited bad behavior. I came *this* close to talking to the mom and telling her the kid didn’t deserve ice cream.

I need a money tree! *Sigh* I pretty much knew we were going to have a sewer leak. And we do. Dude that did the test about talked my dang ear off though. Now I have to hire someone to come and find the leak. Then, once we find the leak, we have to hire someone to fix the leak. This will involve pulling up carpet and/or linoleum (I won’t have a problem pulling this up…needs to be replaced anyway), and then drilling a HOLE through my slab at least 4-6 feet deep. I’m crying.

So I did a little therapy shopping last night. Some new workout/relaxing clothes, and a new purse. I feel better now.

Another Move

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My much-neglected ‘other’ bl*g has also recently moved. Naked Blathering is now up, and while on life-support, the prognosis is good. NB will contain my great passable hopeful literary pursuits. Sadly, the One Word site seems to have gone AWOL. Evidently “Hay” has been the One Word for about a month. But, I was pointed to, and I think it’s pretty neat. It’s relatively new, so we’ll see how it goes for a bit.

I’m going to try to post frequently on NB as well. I’d like to get my book going. I’ve got many thoughts floating around in my head, and need to get them down before I lose them.

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