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August 25, 2006

More Home Design

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Nooo! I don’t want to paint anymore! But, we got these shelves from Ikea. The ones on the far back wall. And not in white, but in brown/black. The online catalog is different from the printed catalog and the store, so these were hard to find. And we picked out this bed frame with these side tables.

But before we can even hang the shelves we have to re-paint our room. I was never wild about the room color. The Ex picked it, and the room is small, and I think this color makes it seem smaller. And, I don’t think it will “go” with the bed frame. I want a green color in the room I think, something sage-y. I like the American Traditions color Green Goddess, but the name reminds me of the salad dressing. I’m not sure I want salad dressing on my walls. So I’ll have to find a similar color. But, the trim and the crown moulding colors aren’t going to change. They’re a cream color that will go, so that’ll be a time-saver.

We have the shelves. They’re leaning against a chair in our front room. I don’t want to paint this weekend, but I think I’m going to have to. Leaning boxes isn’t much of a design style.

Anyone got a spare brush? Who likes to tape? I’m offering beer here people…

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