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August 30, 2006

Sprain, Strains and Squished Toes

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Monday night, on my way home from the gym, I stopped to get milk. Miraculously, it had started to rain on Sunday, and continued to rain Monday. The first rain we’ve in months that lasted more than fifteen minutes! And the clouds overhead were really dark, so I could tell it was about to start coming down again.

I walked out of the store, and down I went. The wheelchair ramp I was walking down was slick, and my right foot went out from under me, backwards. I landed on my right knee, and caught myself on my left hand from going all the way down. And of course, I was seen by a guy walking toward the store. In the car, the back of my right shoulder was hurting. I’d been holding the half-gallon of milk in my right hand, and I’m sure I flung my right arm out for balance. And my knee was a little sore, as was the knuckle of my left index finger, where I’d actually stopped my fall. Power Knuckle!

Yesterday, my left shoulder was a little sore, and got worse through the day. I’m pretty sure I sprained or otherwise strained my left shoulder. I can only lift it so far, and reaching for things, like the phone, too quickly and at the wrong angle results in an OW!.

Last night, I was putting away dinner items into the fridge, and I bumped one of the shelves in the refrigerator door. I’m not sure which bottle of dressing was the culprit, but something landed on my left big toe and PAIN shot right through me. I said a few words very loudly and then tried to remember those Lamaze breathing techniques. Nope, they didn’t work this time either. I’m rather disappointed my toes is not black and blue this morning. But it does hurt, and when I walk, I feel it. So, I’m a bit slow this morning.

I think I need to go into bubble mode before I hurt something else! No step or yoga for me tonight. I’ll have to sweat it out on the elliptical again. Bless it’s low-impact little self.

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