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August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things InterstellarLass is stressed about.

1. My car. I’m still having the “won’t come out of park” problem. The part that causes the problem was recalled, and unknown to me, was replaced two years ago during another maintenance visit. When I wasn’t having a problem. Now it’s gone out again, and it’s not under warranty anymore. It’s a $15 part that they’ll charge you $95 to replace. Nick can do it, I hope. We just been busy.

2. The house. I can’t get the guy to call me back to set the appointment to come find my leak. Hello? Ring, Ring? Pick up the phone and dial. How hard is it to check a calendar?

3. The house. Once we get the leak fixed and the foundation fixed, the paperwork process begins. I hate waiting. Waiting on all this stuff makes me nervous. I have too much time to think about all the things that can go wrong.

4. Soccer. I sent Elle’s registration form in on 8/22 to get her registered for Fall Soccer. They lost her form. Now her coach is looking for her to be registered. But the registration deadline is passed. I have to get approval from the Soccer Coordinator for her to be registered. I sent him the email where her coach is looking for her on his team list. He won’t email me back either. I’ve called him three times and left voicemails. How hard is it to respond with an “OK to register”. Today I’m sending the email back to him with the “Hey, I’ve left you three voicemails and I’m sending my registration form in. We’ll show up on the field. Hope you manage to get your shit together by then.”

5. Labor Day. My grandparents have invited us over to their very small, very cramped condo for a cookout and pool party on Monday. I don’t want to go. And I feel terrible because of it. The last time we went, it was very stressful because my grandfather harped at my grandmother the whole time, and even with me helping her, it took almost three hours to get all the stuff prepared for the picnic. For 8 people. They’re getting older, and I know I should spend time with them, but I want it to be good times. Not my grandpa griping at my grandma, and my grandma just puttering around at her own pace and everyone trying to throw in their two cents on how something should be done. And I can’t do it at my house because I don’t have a pool.

6. The Tree. I need the giganto tree in my back yard trimmed. And not just trimmed, but have at least four, maybe five, major branches lopped off. I’m afraid that the next storm is going to rip off a limb and it’ll come crashing down on the house. Not that we’ve had much rain. But the storms that come up are fast and furious.

7. Work. I don’t think I like what I do anymore. It just doesn’t excite me or motivate me anymore. But I have lots to do, and it’s hard for me to do it when it feels like nails on a chalkboard.

8. Sleep. I’m not getting enough of it. And when I do, according to Nick, I’m grinding the hell out of my teeth. So now I need to go to the dentist and get a mouthguard. That should be hot and sexy.

9. My sciatic nerve. Damn nerve. The nerve of my nerve. It’s not behaving like I want it to. And because of my toe and my shoulder, I didn’t get to do my yoga class last night. So I totally skipped my workout instead of going to the gym anyway. And now I’m mad at me.

10. My hair. I cut it back in February. I don’t like it now because I can’t pull it back. So I’m letting it grow. And it’s in that ‘inbetween’ stage. And it’s really bugging me. It doesn’t look good any way I do it. And I called to make an appointment last night. The lady that cut my hair last (I don’t have a “regular” hairdresser – I’ve never been able to build a relationship like that) couldn’t get me in. But she could do 6:30 tonight. I can’t do tonight. Very rudely, she asked me “Why not”. Uh, not that it’s any of your business but I can’t because I already have something scheduled fuckyouverymuch. And I hung up. Won’t be going back to her.

11. My room. Still not done. But it’s because we decided we didn’t have enough ‘art’ to hang on the walls. And then I remembered my sister still owed me her drawing. So I’m meeting her to get it. I’m holding her wine bottles hostage. There will be a trade over dinner tonight. Then I hope to make it to the framing store tonight and matte and frame her drawing so I can get my room done!

12. Elle’s reading. She’s having a hard time pronouncing her R’s. And she’s not reading as quickly or as fluently as I would like for her to be. She leaves words out of sentences or puts words in that aren’t there. So I’m not sure if she’s memorized the story and making up the parts she doesn’t remember, or what. And she’s forgetting her homework folder in after-school, and evidently not turning in her homework, but rather letting it ripen in her backpack.

13. The 13th thing. What the hell? As Nick so graciously pointed out, I forgot a #13! So here it is. Trying to get my post done.

There, all done. A bit of a purge. I think I feel better.

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