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August 18, 2006

It was just the mohawk…

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that I didn’t like. The bald is going to take some getting used to, but I think I might be able to do it. See, it’s all how you dress it up. This morning, Nick looked H.O.T. HOT. Cool jeans, black t-shirt, piercing gaze, bald head. *swoon!* Thank goodness the kids are gone this weekend!


August 16, 2006

What Did You Do?!?!

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One thing Nick and I used to share is the fact that we both had angioma’s on our head. Yeah, something you all wanted to know. Mine is small and right on my hairline. Nick’s was larger and under his hair. Every time he went to go get his hair cut, he’d point it out, and they’d still bump it with the comb. So, he went to see a doctor. And today, he had it removed.

So, where I left for work with my honey looking like this:

I came home and he looked like this: (more…)

Knitting Pretty

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Since I finished my last baby project, I’ve since found out two more people I know are expecting babies. My good friend M, and my boss. Both are due at around the same time in December, so if I want to not be knitting till 3 am the night before their baby shower, I decided I’d better get started.

My friend M is a dear. She was my client at an old job, and we quickly became friends. This is going to be her first baby, and she is super excited. She’s an aunt four times over, and I know she’s going to be a fantastic mommy! She also went to the shower where the Anouk pinafore was the gift, so she knows what type of gift she’s getting. She’s expecting a boy, so I’ve selected a sweet little cardigan and a personalized baby blanket. I’ve got the back and two front panels of the cardigan complete. But, this yarn is fuzzy and it’s difficult to see my stitches, so before I do any more, I’m going to need help from my yarn store. So, I’ve started on the blanket for now. Basic stitches, no color joins, and I don’t have to think that hard while I do it. Perfect.

For my boss, I’ve selected a pattern I found on a bl*g. The instructions are written very well, and I think this came out so lovely. Except I chose blues and greens for my stripe pattern. I’m really crossing fingers on this one because of the color choice and the fact that I could not find the yarn specified. I found something that should knit up to gauge, but you never know!

P.S. I was really hoping for a girl for M, because I wanted to make this. That, and M has tons of hair. It’s gorgeous and thick and she has all kinds of hair toys. I was picturing a mini-M in my mind! If you know anyone with a baby girl on the way, clue me in, k? I think it’s just too sweet and too darling.

August 15, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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I almost forgot! Quick…what to rant about…

Do you take installment plans? My front passenger seat broke on Friday night. Just as I was leaving for the party too. I dropped my car off yesterday at 5:30. Service at my VW dealership is open till midnight. So I waited. And waited. And waited. And waited some more for them to call me to give me the estimate. To put the spring back on the seat adjustor. I thought for sure they’d have it looked at quickly and at least let me know. No.Such.Luck. I finally called them around 9:30 pm. It would be ready at 10:30 pm (if you could tell me this so quickly when I called, how come you hadn’t called me already???) and would cost $150. They had to remove the seat to fix it and that was the labor charge. Then, at 10:20 pm, they called to tell me it was ready. And it would be FREE! Some guy there knew how to fix it without taking out the seat. Evidently they see a lot of this issue there. And while I was at the shop, waiting for them to pull it around from the free wash, I heard another service manager calling someone to tell them it was going to be $730 to repair their alternator. Oh, but they took 10% off. How nice. Holy Crap! This is the same place that was going to charge me $110 for four spark plugs and an air filter. Gulp! I sure hope Nick can replace my alternator if it ever goes out.

You want to buy some candy? Nick and I were eating dinner at a restaurant last Wednesday. We’re sitting in the bar area, munching on some calamari. Then I see this kid walk in the side patio door with a box of M&M’s. He walks right up to us and asks us if we want to buy some candy. First, HELL NO. I hate these people that use little kids to solicit candy. Akin to child prosititution in a way. I’ve read stories about these rackets that people set up where they work these kids all day long, don’t have them in school, and don’t care for the kids. Second, I’m not in a parking lot! I’m in a restaurant! I couldn’t find a manager fast enough before the kid left.

If you feel marriage is under attack, press 1. I checked my voice mail last night, and I had this horrendously long message on my phone. It was an automated message supposedly from the National Campaign to Stop Same-Sex Marriage. At first, I was really pissed off. Someone calling me, posing as a ‘concerned mother of three’, spouting lies ‘if the marry in Massachusets they can move to any other state and still be married’, and spreading bigotry and hatefulness. Then, I found this. It turns out that these yahoos are a telemarketing company that are going to stop gay marriage if you switch your long-distance and internet. Talk about bait and switch! Supposedly they are anti-porn industry too. What a racket!

I’m too old for this! For some reason, last week my skin got all wonky, and I think I had at least 5 zits workin’ on my face. I washed, masqued  (Hi! I’m Smurfette!), clarified and babied my face. And then yesterday, just as I thought it was clearing up, I get one of those painful under-the-skin pimples! It hurt to put makeup on this morning. I’m too old for this crap!

Come on…what got your goat this week?

August 13, 2006

For your 21st Birthday, We’re Taking You…

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On Friday night, my mom, my sister Nikki, my cousin Desi, my sister’s friend Andi and I took out my little Baby Sister Britlee to celebrate her 21st birthday. Man, it sucked being the oldest to turn 21, because I didn’t have a totally rockin’ cool older sister to plan a totally rockin’ cool night for my birthday!

Our final destination was a secret. Dinner was first. I scouted a few restaurants on our handy dandy web site. Then I gave Britlee the choice between two genres of food, and she picked Greek. So we went to Opa! Grill and enjoyed an excellent dinner. The place was BYOB, so I made a stop at World Market and picked up five bottles of wine for forty dollars! Red Bicyclette Syrah (France), Toad Hollow Le Faux Chardonnay (France), Almira Los Dos (Spain), Famega Vinho Verde (Portugal), and Pillar Box Red (Australia). Desi loved the Pillar Box Red, and the Red Bicyclette Syrah was good too. But, my favorite was the Famega Vinho Verde. Very crisp, very light, very refreshing. The other two we didn’t get to bust into, so I’ll have to give those a try here soon.

Besides the waiter that hit on Britlee, and the other waiter that asked me for my Blender Hollandaise recipe, and the lady at the table catty-corner to us that kept giving us dirty looks, we had a fun time at dinner. The food was good and we had some really good laughs. And other than Britlee gettin’ a little crazy with the birthday Baklava, we didn’t have any incidents.

From dinner, we headed to our (more…)

August 11, 2006

#1 Search Terms

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First off, congrats to the Power G**glers that figured out that Team America: World Police is the movie other than a Star Trek film that uses Qapla. Nick made me watch it. It was awful. Interestingly enough, or not, the night after I posed this bit of trivia, I was watching Southpark, and it was used again…this time by a cuckoo-for-coco-puffs Mel Gibson running around in his underwear and shouting “Qapla! Qapla! Qapla!”. It premiered before recent incidents as well…funny!

We all have stat counters, and we all watch our hits go up, and we all wonder how people get to our site. I’ve had some funny ones, but unlike Lucinda (or Lindsay, whichever you prefer, she still rocks) I’m not creative enough to come up with a really juicy snark on people. Plus it would look like I’m totally stealing one of her segments. I am not a thief! But I was noticing I’m getting a lot of hits from search terms, and so I G**gled them to see where I fell in ranking. The following search terms resulted in me being the #1 hit.

  • Workout Divas – I snark on these two ladies at the gym just one time, and look!
  • + “i love pantyhose” =blog – Great. Now the fetish people have me in their crosshairs.
  • teen baby sister – Uh. I’m not sure if this is good or bad.
  • “dr pain” blog – Again with the fetish. I really must find a new nickname for him.
  • wild west relay pictures – Your one-stop-shop for all the greatness that is the Wild West Relay. Next year, next year.
  • autumn equinox 15k – Maybe the race directors should advertise with me. Give me money!
  • why leg goes numb when running – Well, if I have to have a sciatic nerve issue, at least it’s getting me hits.
  • “interstellar lass” – Gasp! People are actually looking for little ‘ol me?!? Shocking!
  • “funny menu names” – Well, who doesn’t want a chuckle over dinner? Good way to break the ice on a first date.
  • dancing naked in the moonlight – Doesn’t everyone?
  • ta daaaa – A dramatic exclamation never felt so good!
  • “lacy pink bra” – I don’t own one!

So there you go. I’m sure there are more, and there were a few I was too scared to search. Naked mechanical bull riding? Uh no. Thanks. Actually…on second thought…

August 10, 2006

We Survived

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Just barely. I’m not going to talk about the 25 minutes that I spent, jammed 4 cars wide on a two-lane road, and the fact that a sudden “no left turn policy” by a temporary traffic director caused that delay in my afternoon. Not going to talk about it.

Elle was cheery and happy as she climbed in the car. I was not. But I smiled anyway and was excited to hear about her day. She nodded enthusiastically when I asked if she had a good day, and was ready to go home and get her homework done.

She sat down to do her homework, and I sat down to continue work. Zed wouldn’t be home for at least another 45 minutes. He was walking and going to practice using his house key. I heard the key in the lock right on time. Whew!


Today my good friend Judy and 26 other runners are leaving to run the Wild West Relay. Last year we only took one 12-person team to Colorado. This year there’s a 12-person team, a 9-person team, and a 6×6 Ultra team. I had originally planned to go on the 12-person team this year. I was running, training, and seeing Dr. Pain. But my sciatic nerve problem kept getting worse. I’m so disappointed. In fact, this morning I cried. I had so much fun running that race last year and it meant a lot to me to go again. I know there’s always next year, but I’m so disappointed in myself and the situation. Next year. Next year. I’m working on my plan. It involves a lot of running.

P.S. No one has guessed at the movie (besides a Star Trek film) that featured Qapla’. Doesn’t anyone know? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

August 9, 2006

First Day of School

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First Alternate Title: Chaos Reigns

Second Alternate Title: My Tax Dollars Pay for this Crap!?

Today was the first day of school! Elle started second grade and Zed started sixth grade. The school supplies were labelled last night, back packs packed, showers and baths given, clothes laid out at the ready. That will be the last time that happens this school year. I’m totally peeved that I didn’t realize that my lens AND my viewer were fogged up.

We managed to make it out the door after one missing lunch box (hmmm…Zed, why was it on the floor under the comforter of your unmade bed?) and a dispute over who would put the sandwich in the baggie. I have to mediate this kind of crap? Traffic to Elle’s school was horrendous. But, I managed to score an up-front parking spot on the street. Bonus!

We located her class and got her settled in. Her locker was broken…obviously…so why it was assigned in the first place I’ll never know. But her Supergirl backpack was hung next to her lunchbox, and she sat down in her seat and started her work. My baby…sniff. Check out that smile!


Zed’s morning was much more dramatic. We parked across the street, and I took my last picture of him there. Against my mom instincts to take pictures inside, I knew he needed all the cool points he could get, so I left the camera in the car. The sacrifices I make. Have you ever seen such a cool kid? That look on his face says “I’m cool!”.

The teachers at the front door were directing kids and parents were to go. We needed a new schedule because Zed was put in the wrong band class…he’s playing clarinet but was assigned to the tuba class. For that, you need to go to the counselor’s office. Zed and I go to the counselor’s office. After waiting for a couple of minutes, we’re told the counselors are in the gym. So we go to the gym. No, the other gym. Who knew there were two gyms. We wait in the 6th grade counselors line. At our turn, we explain that he was assigned to the wrong band class and that he’s supposed to have a new schedule. She checks her stack. No Zed. She takes his name, student ID and band instrument. But we still need a reprint of the other. I made a huge error in judgement in thinking that they would actually have done what they needed to have done and didn’t figure that we’d need the old schedule. Just one more thing to lose. And it has his student ID AND locker combination printed on it, so I didn’t want that extra floating around.

Instructions to ask for Robyn and an Aggie Schedule were given, and Zed and I went to the front office. I talk to the first lady in the office. Do you have your blue slip? No, I’m wearing pants today, I don’t need a slip. Oh, you mean a slip of paper. No, we weren’t given a slip of paper. You need the slip of paper.

Zed and I walk back to the gym. The line is 15 people long. I’m not waiting. I march around the line to the counselor. They said we need a blue slip of paper. Blue slip? I don’t know anything about that. Just ask for Robyn.

We walk back to the front office. Stand at the back of the line. After a moment, a woman I can only assume is Robyn stands up and states: If you don’t have a blue slip with a password, I can’t print your schedule. My stress level rises, and I speak up from the back of the line. I’ve been to the counselor twice. The second time she said she didn’t have any blue slips. I was told to ask for Robyn and an Aggie Schedule. Robyn heaved a huge sigh and told me to come to the front of the line. I could feel the daggers of other parents’ eyes, stabbing me in the back with imaginary darts. Last name? L A S T N A M E. Zed? Yes, please. Printing. Then Robyn turns to the first blue slip woman and instructs her to go tell the counselor she’s doing it wrong.

I take Zed’s schedule and look it over, realizing he’s already been switched. Nice person that I am, I go to tell the counselor that his schedule is already changed, and she can mark him off her list. She sees me and said They still didn’t give it to you? No, I told her. His schedule is already changed. You can mark him off your list.

I resisted the urge to hug and kiss my boy all over his little head, but again, I wanted to reserve any cool points he may have.

On my way out the door, I hear another teacher tell another student that they need to go to the counselor’s office to pick up their schedule. I turn to her and tell her that they actually sent us to the gym and the counselors are in there with the schedules. As I walked away I hear Well, they can just tell them in the counselor’s office. I felt my eyes melt out of my head and my body combusted in disbelief.

I can’t wait to see what the elementary car-pick-up-route holds for me later today.

August 8, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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michaelm, Serendipity, my sweet hubby, Jen, and Dorothy all correctly guessed that Qapla’ is Klingon for “Success!”. Now, if you can name another movie besides a Star Trek movie in which that word was used, you get even more nerd bonus points. And no fair guessing Nick, because I alread clued you in.

And now for my Tuesday rant. This has been a good week for a couple of irritating items.

Pick up yo stuff! Nick and I went to Target last Thursday, shopping for some odds and ends. We found backpacks for the kids, but only after stepping over backpacks left, dropped, thrown, and strewn across the floor. I cannot believe people are such slobs! You pick something up, you look at it, you put it back where you found it. These are simple lessons that people should have learned in kindergarden. I can’t decide if it’s worse if the parents made the mess (they should know better) or if kids made the mess (their parents should be teaching them!).

Put your hood up! Also found at Target: Gang graffiti on the back of the family bathroom door. I was using the family bathroom because I was too lazy to haul my ass all the way to the back of the store. I close the door, and what do I see in ugly mustard yellow paint? Illegible letters that I can only be the name of some gang. In.My.Target. I wish I would have caught those little bangers, because I would have kicked their butts up and down the store. I love my Target! Keep your nasty trashy dumb gang out of my Target! Take it to Wal-Mart!

¿Habla inglés? I nearly had to ask the cashier at Chipotle this question. She spoke to me in grunts and half sounds. Either a) she was mute, or b) she couldn’t speak English. Hola! In my country, we speak English. I have a resonable expectation that I can be served by English-speaking employees. I have a reasonable expectation that when my total is $16.17 and I hand you $20.02, I can a) get the correct change back the first time and b) get back three dollars, three quarters and a dime, rather than three dollars, two quarters, three dimes and five pennies…and yes I know the change was there. I could see it in the drawer. Everyone knows when you give pennies it’s because you don’t want them back in your change!

Play! If you’re going to come sit down and play poker, play. Don’t futz with your iPod or your PSP. Don’t cause mis-deals or other players to play out of turn because you’re not audibly declaring your intentions. Oh, I know, it’s supposed to be mental or whatever, but when you cause a distraction to the course of the game and there are four mis-deals before the first break because of you…I’m gonna get pissed.

Responsibility: I updated this post to add this after I found it on Snotsucker’s site. Any parent that is dumb enough to give their child two droppers-full every four hours deserves to be arrested for injury to a child, not awarded $5 million dollars in damages. And if the doctor recommended two droppers-full every four hours, he deserves to have his license revoked. Outrageous!

Got anything good and juicy for me?

August 7, 2006

Happy Birthday to my baby sister!

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My baby sister turns 21 today! She’s all growed up! Kinda. For the most part at least. And I am so proud of her!

I saw her come into this world. Yes, I really mean SAW her come in to this world. My brother, sister and I were there, stopwatches in hand, timing contractions. My brother got cranky and bored (who can blame him…he was 4) and my other sister got scared (my mom did labor with no meds!). But not me! I was down with the action! The doctor kept telling me to move. I was in his way. I saw her squirm her way into our lives 21 years ago today. She looked really gross and slimy then. Not so much now. She’s really rather cute, don’t you think?

Baby Sister

And she does way cool art. In fact, I’m getting my long-promised piece from her tonight (her birthday and I’m getting a present too! I worked it well!). I wish I had one-one-hundredth of the artisitic talent that she has.

Woman on Sofa

She’s gone from my sweet baby sister, to my annoying, bratty little sister, to a gangly tween, to an overly-opinionated teen, to a beautiful young woman. She has brains and drive and determination and beauty and talent. I admire the person she is becoming. She has a good head on her shoulders and has a huge heart.

I love you little sister! Happy Birthday!

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