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September 29, 2006

Photos: Where We Live

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Lovely Miss Laura at Vitamin Sea has proposed a photographic meme tour of sorts. She’s asked what we would like to see from her home town. What fun! And so I will offer you the same! I live in the Dallas area – no need to say Dallas, Texas, right? Everyone knows Dallas! JR Ewing doesn’t live here anymore, but we have lots of landmarks.  

What do you want to see pictures of? I’ll take requests through the weekend and then post pictures on Monday. And won’t you share where you live?

September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Edition V

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Thirteen Things about Interstellar Lass’ World

1. I’m feeling pink today. I think my hair looks good, and my makeup looks good. Yeah, I think I look good today. So I’m feeling pinky-girly.

2. Elle’s favorite birthday gift? So far it seems to be the 20-Questions game. It’s about the size of a baseball, and we’ve all been having fun with it. You can see the pattern in the questions though. At least I can. But the upside of it, is Elle has to read the questions herself.

3. It is now late September, and it’s still warm. Yesterday’s high was 92. It’s cooler today because of a front, but Saturday it will be 90 again, and upper 80’s next week. This part of living in Texas sucks.

4. Last night, when I got home, Nick had hurried to the kitchen to inscribe our intials and a big heart in the drying concrete. He’s such a romantic.

5. Zed learned a lesson this week. He asked to buy a book from the book fair. I came home Tuesday, and evidently they didn’t have the book he wanted, so he bought something else instead. A poster. Of Bart Simpson drooling with a TV control in his hands. Uh, where are you thinking you’re going to hang that? It doesn’t go with the theme of your room, and you have to have permission to hang it. And you don’t have permission to hang it, nor did you have permission to buy it. I hope they take returns. They took returns. Don’t buy things you don’t have permission to buy, especially if it’s my money. Otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time in the returns line.

6. Nick and I were going to go camping this weekend. But now we’re not. He hurt his back (doing something really dumb) and now he’s in a lot of pain. So camping is out. He’s more likely to spend the weekend in his recliner. And I’ll be on my knees. Putting down tile.

7. My Ex is a bum. We had an arrangement about the child support I agreed to in the divorce. And we agreed that after a certain period of time, and me buying the house from his dad, we would have it amended to increase. Except now he claims to be broke. I guess when you pay over $1,000 a month in rent for a trendy 2-bedroom apartment (plus two giant pet deposits and pet rent), drive a big truck, and you and your fiancee have jobs with variable incomes, well, I guess that’s what happens. Not my problem. And now he’s even missing his court-appointed time with his kids. His new job schedule isn’t working with him, and Elle is really upset about it.

8. My mom has a milestone birthday in the next month. She’s turning 50. I’m supposed to be planning a party for her. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do though. My aunt was supposed to call me. She hasn’t. I guess I’d better get out the invites. Any suggestions?

9. I’m still hating my car. But I’m very proud of Nick. He changed the oil in his truck and my car this last weekend. He’s quite handy.

10. I talked with the owner of the sewer repair company. He’s working on a plan to fix the issues that his crew caused. I told him I understand that sometimes stuff happens. But as long as it’s taken care of, I’m not upset. As my great-grandma used to say, You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.

11. My grandfather’s birthday is Monday. I can’t remember how old he’s going to be. 76 maybe? Yeah, I think he was born in ’33. I’m actually shocked that he’s still tickin’. I think he’s one of those ‘too stubborn to die’ kind of people. I don’t mean to sound callous, because I love him dearly, and he’s done a lot for me. But, he’s had diabetes for over 25 years, has had two major falls in the last 5 years – one down a flight of stairs at my old apartment, and one on my front walk last Thanksgiving, and was hit head-on by a drunk driver about 4 years ago. I’m going to have to start calling him Timex.

12. I had a bad week in Pick ‘Em this week. There were a lot of upsets. Last week I would have been perfect going into Monday night’s game, except Nick convinced me to change two picks. Those were the only games I lost. Note to self: Never listen to husband. (I love you baby!) I hope this week is a good week.

13. I’m trying to let my hair grow again. It’s not growing fast enough. I want to get it back in a pony tail. My bangs are constantly in my face, and it’s driving me nuts. I should know better. I’ve cut my hair short several times and I always grow it back out for the same reason. At least it looks good today!

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September 26, 2006

Leaks Fixed: Check

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Monday morning, three men showed up at my house with a jackhammer, a shovel and various other tools. They cut up my ugly linoleum, jackhammered up my kitchen floor in front of my sink, took out both my toilets and tore out my bathroom floors.

In the kitchen, the discovered that the leak is encased in concrete in the beam. How a pipe in concrete can be leaking, I don’t know. But, rather than a traditional repair, my option was to re-line the pipe. So today, they came to put the epoxy seal-liner in the pipe, and right now, I have an air compressor keeping a balloon inflated in the pipe. The epoxy has to cure for 24 hours, so they’ll come back tomorrow to collect the compressor and backfill the giant hole in front of my sink.

In the bathroom, the problem was readily apparent and fixable. From the toilet, a pipe descends into the ground, then bends 90 degrees and connects to the sewer pipe to carry away the flushes. Except in my bathrooms, the pipes didn’t ‘connect’ but rather ‘abutted’ each other. Hence the leak and the ‘hump’ in my living room/hall way.

I took pictures, but the house is 30+ years old, so I don’t know that we’ll have any recourse with the builder. In any case, it’s fixed. However, there are three things I’m peeved about that will be taken care of. 1) During the demolition of my hall bath, the demo man (and he admitted this and brought it to my attention) lost control of the jackhammer and dented my wall. 2) During the extraction of the toilet in my bathroom, a tumbler was knocked from the side of my sink and was broken. Crappy thing is that it was part of a 5-piece set and can’t be replaced individually. 3) During the excavation of the hall bath, I believe dirt from the hole was placed in the bathtub without any plastic liner. Now my bathmat is a horrid orange color, and where the bathtub was scratched, I now have orange stains in the tub. These details, and pictures will be sent to the owner of the company.

On the bright side, I will get new floors! Last night we went to Home Depot and picked out tile for the kitchen, baths, and entry. Even though the entry wasn’t torn up, we’ll re-do it anyway while we have the tile cutter. And, I can’t have pretty new floors without redoing the ugly kitchen cabinets. They’re practically mediaeval. So, I picked out some samples for the kitchen, hall bath, and living room. What do you think? I like how the paint manufacturers are putting together color combinations. It really helps decorating challenged people like me. Within the next three weeks, we should have closed on the house and then we can finish these projects, and a couple of others including a new back patio door, and new bifold doors for the hall closets and laundry closet. I’m excited!

So Long, Lord Byron

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A true Texan, and a true gentleman. Thank you, Sir. I wish there were more like you.

“I don’t know very much,” Nelson said in a 1997 interview with The Associated Press. “I know a little bit about golf. I know how to make a stew. And I know how to be a decent man.”

September 25, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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I’ve been off my soap box for a couple of weeks, but all I had to do was watch the news tonight, and a few stories got up my dander again.

Ban Art! Last April, a local fifth grade art teacher took a group of students on a school sanctioned field trip, for which parents signed permission slips. This field trip was to the Dallas Museum of Art. Evidently, one of the students made comment to their parents about a nude sculpture that they saw while walking through the museum, and now the parents are all in a tizzy!


Happy Birthday Elle!

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We had a blast this weekend! At least Elle and I did. Nick and Zed did lots of male bonding over lawn chores and oil changing. Our weekend started with me being the first one up and waiting for Elle to rouse her sleepy head. And then I cuddled her in the recliner and sang her Happy Birthday. Zed finally woke up, and the three of us went to IHOP for breakfast. Nick wasn’t feeling well, so he slept in.

After, Elle and I went to her soccer game while Zed and Nick mowed the lawn. Zed mowed for the first time, completely supervised of course.

Elle’s team played a tough game against a team with which they’re pretty evenly matched. The last time we played them, we won, 1-0. Saturday, it was their turn. But, our girls left the field in good spirits. (more…)

September 22, 2006

Please, come in, sit down!

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! The dreaded Parent/Teacher Conference. Where parents all over America go sit in mini-chairs at mini-tables and try to get comfortable while being given their child’s assessment results and having no clue as to their scale or meaning.

And you ask about the scale. And you’re given some cryptic answer about the ‘state test’ versus the ‘real test’ and how it’s more difficult and how your child is fine. I’m suspicious that the teachers really know what it means. Well, she read story #4, and other kids read story #1 or story #2. And this is her score. And by the end of the year she needs to be here. And there is no explanation of She scored x out of y. Or that Story #4 differs from stories 1 and 2 in this way.

I’ve determined that her teacher is very cold and fish-like and cut-and-dry. Firstly, Elle doesn’t respond well to people like that, and second, I don’t think people like that make very good teachers. She shows no excitement in what she’s teaching, and therefore the kids aren’t excited about learning. So, we’ll see. I’ve already made more calls to her teacher this year than I did to her teacher all of last year. What fun.


Last night I went and did a Power Yoga class. I’ve done a PiYo (pilates/yoga) class at this gym before. And this class was just billed as Yoga. Within 5 minutes I was sweating. That Yoga is hard work! I did quite a few new poses that I hadn’t done before, and I feel like I did pretty well for my first time. But, I think I like for my Yoga to be more relaxing. I think I’ll stick to the step classes for the butt burners, and the PiYo class for stretching and relaxing. I also want to try the Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) one of these days.


P.S. Psst…I’m in a little contest over at Petroville. Go check it out and vote for me. Can you figure out which one I am? Hint: Side ponytails should never have been considered in style.

September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things InterstellarLass loves about Elle.

My baby Elle’s 8th birthday is Saturday. There are a thousand million things I love about her. These are just a few.

1. Her nose. Elle has the cutest little button nose. When she smiles it scrunches up and gets little wrinkles on the side. I like to kiss her on her nose.

2. Her smile. She has a beautiful smile, and she uses it. I’m not talking about the goofy smiles kids smile for pictures when they’re this age, but the natural one that shines when she’s laughing and being silly.

3. Her energy! If I could harness her energy to power our house, our electric bill could go bye-bye. She goes at 100 mph while she’s awake. She doesn’t walk anywhere. It’s always a trot/run/skip motion.

4. Her sillies. She’s a silly, silly kid. She’s goofy, and she laughs at her own jokes. Later in life, this won’t be so funny. But she cracks herself up, and this cracks me up.

5. Her love for Zed. Brothers and sisters don’t always get along. Shocking, I know. But three times in the last couple of weeks she has come to me with tears. I miss my brother at school. She misses seeing him during the day. The way our schools are structured, they will never be in the same school again. This causes her some angst.

6. Her love for Pappy. Sometimes she calls Nick “Nick”, but she also calls him Pappy. They decided on this name together. Not me. Sometimes I feel a little left out, because she wants “Elle & Pappy time”. But, I realize this is a good thing. She loves and trusts Nick and this makes me happy.

7. Her appetite. Elle has always been a good eater. From the moment she was born until she was two months old, I did nothing but breastfeed her. Literally. It seemed that she was latched on all.the.time. And when she started eating solids, I had to carefully watch her. If you put six pieces of Cheerios on the high chair, all six pieces were going in her mouth at the same time. So she’s always been a good eater. And she’s not picky. She eats a variety of foods, and will typically try things at least once. And she loves black beans.

8. Her friendliness. She loves everyone. She’s never met a stranger. Introduce her to someone, and she’s best friends with them five minutes later. Within an hour of meeting Nick, she was holding his hand and sitting in his lap.

9. Her stick-up-for-herself-ness. She doesn’t take crap from anyone. And the person she especially doesn’t take crap from is my grandfather. He can be kind of a pain, and likes to tease. I don’t like this at all, and he and I had several conversations about it, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But Elle knew exactly how to deal with it. She would look at him, say Stop It!, and then completely ignore him like he wasn’t there. It was brilliant. He could continue to try to get her goat, and she completely shut him out. Then, we’d all laugh at him, which he didn’t like.

10. Her style. This is actually kind of frustrating for me right now, because I want her to be a little more girly. Right now, she’s into shorts/pants/t-shirts and tennies. Buying her a dress is hard. She actually threw a bit of a tantrum when we bought her the dress for the wedding back in January. She wanted to wear a split skirt. Pants that look like a skirt. But every now and then, the girly mood strikes her, and she puts on her play lipstick, fake costume jewelry and her crown and parades around the house.

11. Her love notes. She loves to write love notes. She hands me notes that are torn pieces of paper folded until you can fold them anymore. I open them up in front of her like they are the biggest surprise and I have no idea what’s inside. This tickles her and she giggles. They are usually some form of I love you mom or You are the best mom or I love you Mom and Nick or something. There’s a few drawn hearts thrown in for effect.

12. Her messes. Not really. But it’s part of who she is. She’s been a mess since she was little. There is no concept of “play with one toy then put it back”. Toys, of course, are meant to be played with all together. One of my favorite pictures of her is from when she was about two. She’s in a diaper, with one of her brother’s belts around her waist, his backpack full of books is on her back, and she’s astride her push-bike, ready to head out the door and go tackle the world.

13. Her mind. She’s a smart kid. She remembers everything. She’s actually better than a day planner. I tell her “Remind mommy that we need to do X after we finish Y”. Because I will forget. But she will remember. Sometimes this works to my disadvantage though. Because she will hear something I said, even if she wasn’t in the room, or you think she’s not paying attention.

Be prepared! Saturday is her birthday. She has a soccer game Saturday, and then we are going with some of her teammates to the FC Dallas soccer game on Saturday night. It’ll be a ‘girls night’ as Nick and Zed are staying home. They don’t care for soccer. Sunday is her ‘friend’ party, and then later Sunday is her ‘family’ party. There will be LOTS of pictures of Elle for your viewing enjoyment.

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September 20, 2006

1 fix down, 1 to go

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My foundation repair is complete. They came yesterday and dug and lifted and banged around a bunch, and now I can open my front door without pretending I’m a linebacker. And I don’t have to hold the door shut to lock the door, and I can actually close my storm door. YAY!

Next Monday they will come dig up my kitchen floor and bathroom floor, and fix the sewer leaks. At least I will get new floors. Right now it’s ugly linoleum. Problem with the kitchen is that the new floor will make the cabinets look more ugly than they already are. And the recessed flourescent lights make everything look ugly.

We were looking to close on the house by the end of the month, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen. If not, then it’ll be early in October. Almost there!

Yesterday I messed around and opened up a Cafe Press store. Actually two. One for silly stuff, and one for photography stuff. Maybe I’ll have to upgrade the photography store. I have some other photos I really like that I think would be cool on things like the bag and the clock and stuff. Check it out.

September 19, 2006

Fort Worth (again!) and Modern Art

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After last Saturday’s error in picking a restaurant that was closed and missing Nick’s aunt and uncle, we rescheduled and planned to meet them in Fort Worth at a restaurant that we knew was open. We’d get to see Elle’s soccer game and then drive over and have plenty of time to meet them. Except Elle’s soccer schedule was completely rearranged, and all of her game times except one moved drastically. There was no way we could watch her game and meet them on time. So, instead, we planned to visit the Fort Worth Modern before meeting for dinner.


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