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September 1, 2006

Got It!

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Finally! My waiting is over! My dreams have come true! I finally have her! She is mine! And she is more beautiful in real-life than you can imagine. I had tears in my eyes. Honest. And I shall name her Freya.

Of course, I had to wait an extra hour for her, because my mom horned in on dinner and gave my sister another list of things to bring. Which made my sister forget her, and she had to turn around and go back and get her, or I would start throwing the wine bottles out of the car. No, I wouldn’t have. So the kids and I sat and waited almost forty minutes for my mom to get there, and another thirty minutes for my sisters to get there. I even had time to take Zed next door to get a haircut. I’m nothing if not efficient. I also got a few other drawings. Basically she handed me her portfolio, and I got to pick what I wanted! Free art! Free art that is really, really good! I’m also commissioning a piece for my living room.

Then, on the way home, I stopped at a Kroger with a Fuel Center. I’d seen the sign on the way that said $2.45 for Regular, and I knew I had 10 cents off with my Kroger Plus card. I was happy with that. But, they also had the new E85 fuel, and it was $2.15 per gallon. I almost put it in my Jetta, but decided against it because I wasn’t 100% certain that my car wouldn’t fall into a million pieces while I was driving home. So, on the side of safety, I lined up to wait my turn at the regular pump. I’m glad I did. I called VW today, and it’s not recommended that I use that fuel. But my next car will be able to run on it.

My gas tank is on the right side of my car, so I was actually headlight-to-headlight with the car currently at the pump. So I had to be a little far back to let her out. And then, as she pulled out, another car pulled up from nowhere and took my pump! THE HELL!?! I honked. She was yapping on her cell phone and was ignoring me. I stuck my head out of my sunroof and said I was in line for that pump next. “Sorry, I didn’t see you.” Obviously you were too busy talking on your cell phone to notice me. “Sorry.” she said and shrugged, still talking on her cell phone. Yes, in fact you are. I moved over to another pump, and waited, and then began to pump. But that didn’t stop me from seeing her try her debit card no less than five times, and it was rejected.

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