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September 7, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Careers InterstellarLass considered. Growing up, I had many different dreams and aspirations. My current career path wasn’t one of them.

1. Lawyer. And not just any lawyer. A Harvard Law educated lawyer. I still think I would make a good one. Lord knows I like to argue a case. I would have been a defender then, but now I think I’d be more geared towards prosecution. Why didn’t I? My grandfather convinced me there were already too many lawyers in this world.

2. Doctor. I worked a few summers in my dad’s office. You know, before HIPAA. And I was a ‘candy striper’ at a hospital one summer. I worked in the Day Surgery department. And just yesterday, I said to myself “I should have gone to Med School”. The reason I didn’t? While blood and all that doesn’t bother me, the thought cutting people freaked me out.

3. Teacher. An English teacher no less. And up until the last three semesters of college, that was my minor. Then the thought of teaching other people’s brats that didn’t care about English made me change to no minor. And I got a plain old Bachelors in English with a concentration in British Literature. Shakespeare anyone?

4. Marine Biologist. I wanted to study dolphins and other sea mammals. What kept me out of the ocean? Sharks. And large bodies of open water. Thanks Uncle Paul for making me watch Jaws when I was 5. And for that sip of ‘Pepsi’ that turned out to be beer.

5. Archaeologist. Digging up dinosaur bones and shards of pottery. Studying ancient cultures and roaming the world. What kept me off the path of Indiana Jones? I started a family too soon.

6. Secretary. Yeah, this was my dream when I was 5. Filing papers was fun. Secretaries, excuse me, Administrative Assistants, are important positions within an organization. Except they have to deal with enormous egos. You couldn’t pay me enough.

7. Broadway actress. I took ballet for thirteen years, and the last three years I also took tap, jazz, modern, stage production, singing, and acting classes. My problem? I was too tall and too heavy (at 135 pounds) for partner work, my boobs and hips didn’t fit many costumes, and even with training, my voice was barely passable.

8. Professional shopper. Yeah, this would have been nice.

9. Scientist. This was a backup for the doctor thing. All the science, no people. But I decided petri dishes were dull.

10. President. Doesn’t every little girl dream about being President? I still have this thought from time to time. I don’t like how anyone is running things. But I would suck as a politician, because I’m too blunt.

11. Chef. I would still like to do this. Run my own restaurant. But the hours stink.

12. CEO. Yes, there is a quote in my senior high school year book that says this. Why? I dunno. Again, I’m too blunt. People don’t like to hear their ideas are stupid. Even if they are stupid.

13. Stay-at-home-mom. This is a more recent aspiration. Funny how when my kids were young, I thought “I can have it all…kids and career.” I’ve sacrificed on both ends. And now I’m just one lottery win away from greeting them at the door when they come home from school.

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