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September 10, 2006

Shoes, Soccer & The Science Place

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On Friday, I received my sweet new pair of Clarks. I feel so guilty for paying more than $40 for a pair of shoes, but these were on sale for $34.99, down from $79.99. Except they didn’t have my size in the color I wanted when Nick and I shopped last Sunday. So they found them and shipped them for free! And they arrived Friday! Aren’t they pretty?

Saturday morning I took Elle to a craft show and met one of my friends from work. There was a scary garage sale going on in the room across from the craft show, but at the rate people were ripping through clothes, I didn’t dare enter. Instead, we stayed in the safe confines of the arts and crafts. I bought a cute baby gift for one of my friends, and I found Elle these really cute sunglasses. 

Then, we bought new soccer cleats for Elle and headed to her Fall Soccer season opener. She was excited and ready to play. The first quarter she was in goal and kept out a few shots. Second quarter she was on offense, and for some reason she would kick the ball way up the field and then wait for someone else to go after it. I don’t know why. She’s usually driving it down to the goal. That’s something we’re going to have to work on. Third quarter she rested on the bench, and then fourth quarter she played great defense. She was really booting the ball back down to the other end of the field. In the end, her team won 1-0. Hopefully that’s a good sign for this season!

After we got a stinky Elle-monkey cleaned up, we got some lunch and then headed down to The Science Place to see the IMAX movie Fighter Pilot. The last time I went to an IMAX movie, I got motion-sickness. This time I did better. It was really cool. My stomach only flipped a couple of times during the flight sequences. Before and after the movie, we walked around the exhibits. There are some really neat hands-on science set-ups to look at. I particularly like this one. I plan to power my house on Zed.

We had planned to meet Nick’s aunt and uncle for dinner, but the restaurant we were going to meet at was shut down. His aunt and uncle couldn’t find it, even though we waited for nearly 45 minutes for them. It was a bit worrisome, but what can you do? We did get to see a cool swap-meet though. We had some time to kill before we were supposed to meet, so we drove around and saw a swap-meet about ready to shut down. They had lots of cool cars in various stages of restoration. My personal favorite was the 1951 Nash Statesman. It looked similar to this, except it was a mint green and had the optional visor on the windscreen. It looked to be in good condition on the outside, but the inside had a strong odor of wet dirt and mildew. If I had the money, I would love to restore a car like that! Nick found his dream ‘Stang, but it was the wrong color. The other highlight was this guy. Where did he get that hat!

Sunday was spent sleeping and watching football. So far I’m 10 for 16 for this weeks picks, with two games to go. Anyone got an opinion on Washington vs. Minnesota and San Diego vs. Oakland? I’m tied for 1st with two other people. Gah!

Here’s the slideshow from the weekend.


  1. i’m still finding my way round wordpress. Loving it soooooooooo much more than blogger!!

    love the shoes!!

    Comment by Serendipity — September 11, 2006 @ 10:36 am |Reply

  2. What a lovely weekend! And those are sweet shoes.

    Comment by Gypsy — September 11, 2006 @ 10:47 am |Reply

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