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September 13, 2006

Um? Hello? Anyone in there?

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This morning I woke up about an hour and a half before I usually do. I was going to make a foray (again) to the DMV. I was going to get there before they opened at 7 a.m. and be waiting for the doors to unlock. This was a good plan. I got there at 6:40 a.m. The only problem is about twenty other people had better plans, as they were already in line outside the DMV. Poop.

On the way there I had stopped to get a Starbucks and a paper. You know, amuse myself and wake up while standing in line.

Drive Thru Speaker: Good Morning! Welcome to Starbucks. May I take your order?
She was entirely too chirpy for her own good.
Me: Yes please, I’d like a venti non-fat latte and a Dallas Morning News.
Drive Thru Speaker: That’s a venti non-fat latte and a Dallas Morning News. Can I get you a blueberry muffin or a coffee cake this morning?
Me: No, that will be all thank you.
Drive Thru Speaker: Very well, I’ll have your total at the window.
I pull forward and around the driveway.
Drive Thru Guy: Your total is $4.23.
I hand Drive Thru Guy my credit card and he hands me my paper.
Drive Thru Guy: Do you need your receipt?
Me: Yes please.
Drive Thru Guy hands me my receipt and my latte.
Drive Thru Guy: Have a nice day.
Me: Thanks. You too.
I put my coffee in my cup holder.
I sit. After a few moments:
Drive Thru Guy: Did I miss something?
Me: No that’s everything.
And I sit. After a few more moments:
Drive Thru Guy: Did I get everything?
Me: Yes, I’m fine.
Drive Thru Guy stares at me. I stare back at him. I look at my coffee. I look at my paper.
Me: Oh, I guess I need to go!

I drove off, very embarassed. I am not a morning person.

P.S. If you got a sec, go see Cara and wish her a Bappy Hurpday!

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