Interstellar Adventures

September 15, 2006

Just My Luck

Filed under: Married Life,Mr. Wonderful,Texas Life — by InterstellarLass @ 8:24 am

Last night, watching the news – and I use the term “news” in the loosest terms – I got hooked by a terrible hook. What’s in your refrigerator that could make you sick!? Oh good grief. Another scare-tactic hook. I usually flip the channel. We have one news station here that is really terrible about the cheeseball dramatic hooks. But for some reason last night I decided to listen. I wish I hadn’t.

Don’t eat packaged spinach! But spinach is my favorite vegetable! I’ve been buying it like crazy lately. And what did I have for dinner last night? A spinach and shrimp salad from Applebee’s! And I’m sure they used packaged spinach. Nick picked Applebee’s. It’s not on my list of places to eat. How long does it take for E. Coli to attack?

Hey…I wonder if he knew about this and was just trying to off me? Hmmm…

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