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September 17, 2006

Show & Tell

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Last year I wrote about the various mission trips I went on when I was in high school. This weekend I was looking for a picture for MommaK and her bad hair contest, and I found these! These are from the summer of 1991, and they were taken at the home we worked on during our church mission trip. This was Chavies, Kentucky. If you click through to read about all the work we did, you’ll have to scroll down the page to get to Chavies. If you didn’t read it before, I hope you do now.

Maybe you couldn’t imagine the poverty from my description. Maybe you can’t imagine that people live like this in America. But they do. If you look at the house, imagine a mountainside coming down to meet the house on the left side. And then, on the right side of the house, see how the 2nd car is leaning right? That’s because the mountainside dropped off again to the right. The right side of the house was on stilts.



The picture in front of KMart was taken in Hazard, KY. It was the town closest to Chavies that had a laundromat and fast-food restaurants. I couldn’t figure out why we took a picture here, until I remembered that our group leaders names were Kaye and Mart, hence we were Team KayeMart.

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