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September 22, 2006

Please, come in, sit down!

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! The dreaded Parent/Teacher Conference. Where parents all over America go sit in mini-chairs at mini-tables and try to get comfortable while being given their child’s assessment results and having no clue as to their scale or meaning.

And you ask about the scale. And you’re given some cryptic answer about the ‘state test’ versus the ‘real test’ and how it’s more difficult and how your child is fine. I’m suspicious that the teachers really know what it means. Well, she read story #4, and other kids read story #1 or story #2. And this is her score. And by the end of the year she needs to be here. And there is no explanation of She scored x out of y. Or that Story #4 differs from stories 1 and 2 in this way.

I’ve determined that her teacher is very cold and fish-like and cut-and-dry. Firstly, Elle doesn’t respond well to people like that, and second, I don’t think people like that make very good teachers. She shows no excitement in what she’s teaching, and therefore the kids aren’t excited about learning. So, we’ll see. I’ve already made more calls to her teacher this year than I did to her teacher all of last year. What fun.


Last night I went and did a Power Yoga class. I’ve done a PiYo (pilates/yoga) class at this gym before. And this class was just billed as Yoga. Within 5 minutes I was sweating. That Yoga is hard work! I did quite a few new poses that I hadn’t done before, and I feel like I did pretty well for my first time. But, I think I like for my Yoga to be more relaxing. I think I’ll stick to the step classes for the butt burners, and the PiYo class for stretching and relaxing. I also want to try the Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) one of these days.


P.S. Psst…I’m in a little contest over at Petroville. Go check it out and vote for me. Can you figure out which one I am? Hint: Side ponytails should never have been considered in style.

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