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October 4, 2006

Big City Girl?

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From my previous post, one might assume that I’m in love with Dallas. And Dallas is a great city. It has world-class arts including Opera, Ballet, Symphony, and museums. We have professional sports teams, although the Stars and the Mavericks are the only ones that play within the Dallas city limits. The Cowboys are currently in Irving, and they’ll eventually join the Rangers in Arlington. During the day, downtown is a thriving business community. The city is trying to revive the residential aspect of downtown, but with price points what they are, and the public schools in their current state, living downtown only lends itself to wealthy single people.

The suburbs have better schools and houses with yards. A bus and light-rail line system called DART allow travel between the city and the majority of the suburbs, but only if you are an expert planner and an early riser will it get you anywhere you want to go.

Just like in the movies, football is king. Last Friday night, I could hear the bells and the band from the high school game down the road. Plano has three senior high schools (junior and senior year only), and there is a big rivalry between PSH and PESH. Plano West is the newer of the three and services the very wealthy, tony West Side.

And while I like all the ‘goings on’ that the big city offers, there are many things that are just old about it for me. The scenery for one. If you like flat and concrete, Dallas is for you. And the summer heat scorches everything in sight, so if you don’t mind hot, brown summers, Dallas is for you. And the Metroplex is so big, you can’t get away from the city. At the lakes and at the parks you can always hear cars and highway and airplanes.

And no one cares. People talk on their cellphones and drive like idiots, cutting you off in traffic, and flipping you off because they’re in the right. Everywhere you look, people are moving and rushing and have those stupid bluetooth things stuck to their heads. And no one stops. It’s constant noise.

When I was a kid, the books I used to read were set in slower times. Before technology came in and we all were healthier and lived longer and had more disposable income. But we have to grow, change, progress. But how much progressing can we do before we can’t progress anymore?

And why can’t I just have my cabin in the woods?

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