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October 9, 2006

Your kid was great!

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It was the only positive thing about waiting for an hour and a half in the church parking lot, waiting to pick up Zed last night. He was scheduled to arrive back at 8:30 pm from a church weekend-retreat. I arrived about 15 minutes early. And I waited. And waited.

My grandparents were already there. They live very close. I live about 35 minutes away. Then, as we were waiting and talking, my mom pulled up. How many family members does it take to pick up one kid? Well, I guess when he’s as cool as all that and everyone loves him, they want to see him. But still…

Evidently the group got caught in a traffic jam on the way back. Some accident that shut down the highway. Just glad it wasn’t our group! They finally pulled into the parking lot around 9:45 pm. Zed was dying of thirst and got his bags together quickly.

While he was waiting on his last bag by the trailer, I was loading up my trunk. A man approached me and asked if I was Zed’s mom. Yes, I am. “I just wanted to let you know that your son was great this weekend. He was one of two kids this weekend that I didn’t have to correct or talk to, and he was always helpful and doing what I needed him to do.” Well that’s a great thing to hear! Thanks for letting me know.

I must admit I got a big stupid grin on my face and my heart swelled with pride. When Zed got in the car, I told him I heard that he was really good and that I was very proud. He was so nonchalant and just moved on to tell me all about the weekend.

What a great kid.

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