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October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Ed. vii

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Thirteen Random Articles at All thirteen articles were found by using the Random Article link in Wikipedia. I love Wiki. It’s fun to read when you’re bored and you learn lots of new stuff!

1. Joliet Prison – Used in the Blues Brother’s movie! I think old prisons are so cool.

2. Probabilistic encryption – Can someone help me understand? The word algorithm scares me.

3. Julie Clary – Napoleon’s sister-in-law. I with there was a time machine so I could go back and interview historical characters.

4. Anthony Marreco – Junior Counsel at the Nuremberg Trials and a founder of Amnesty International.

5. Resampling – Some mathematical statistic thing. My eyes glazed over.

6. Garden Types – Despite my half-ass efforts, my flower beds didn’t turn out as dazzling as I hoped this year. Must read later.

7. Butler County, PA – Named for a Revolutionary War Hero.

8. Garbage (album) – I adore Shirley Manson – she’s gorgeous and I love her accent and her voice. This was their debut album.

9. Ford Parklane – A one-year wonder of a vehicle.

10. Follow-On – A cricketing term. The game, not the insect. A game that is confusing.

11. Raymond of Sabunde – 14-15th Century Spanish philosopher/scholar. I would consider getting a 2nd BA in Philosophy.

12. High Courts of India – I can’t even navigate the American judicial system!

13. Aluminium phosphide – A poison used for stored cereal grains. I hope there’s none in my Cheerios.

Happy Wiki-Reading!

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Why does your voice sound squeaky?

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Elle asked Zed at dinner last night. Nick about choked and then giggled. I shook my head and grinned. Zed laughed.

It’s not the puberty squeak. Yet. I think he’s got a cold and his voice does sound deeper and scratchier than usual. But it was another reminder of how quickly my kids are growing up. Zed was 11, and puberty and all the things that go with it are just around the corner.

He’s had two monster zits on his nose in the last month. As zits go, they were pretty impressive. But unless I tell him to wash his face, he doesn’t do it. I even bought him face-wipes to use after gym. I found them, two weeks later, still in the Target bag, in his room. Thankfully he remembers to put on deodorant most of the time. And lately his hair always smells funky, even after he’s washed it.

Nick told me last night that Zed asked some interesting questions while they were out at the store. Is it alright to do something just to fit in with the crowd? What if you know it’s wrong and you still do it? What if it’s against God’s law? Will you have to ask for forgiveness? Nick was a little flabbergasted at first, trying to figure out where this was coming from. He couldn’t determine if it was related to discussions over the weekend at the church retreat, or actual events. I’m inclined to think it was the former, as part of a discussion topic/Bible lesson. Nick told him that it’s not necessary to follow the crowd. Being a Lone Ranger has it’s merits. Make your own path and your own way. Go read Nick’s take on it.

One thing about Zed is he’s a thinker. He’s like his dad in that way. Ruminates on something, and you don’t know about it until he hits you with it out of left field. We’ve also been trying to carefully analyze his friends and figure out who he’s hanging out with. Another one of his traits (that he got from me, unfortunately) is an overreaching desire to fit in and be accepted. He’s very trusting and wants to be liked, and my fear of him being influenced to do something he knows is wrong is only slightly mitigated by the fact that I have taught him right from wrong, and tried to be very honest about why he should make certain choices.

Is this it? The beginning of the teenage years? So far we’ve covered sex, drugs, online sexual predators, bullying, trust and honesty. But he’s barely a tween! Ready or not, I’m already barrelling down the path, aren’t I?

On Monday, Creative-Type Dad said, You must be doing something right. What’s the secret? At first I laughed and thought “Ha Ha, yeah, I just got lucky.” and was about to just move on. But then I really thought about it. There is no secret, no right formula, no ‘right’ way to parent. And if there is, no one clued me in. I’ve just tried to make good people.

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