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October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. viii

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Thirteen Things in Interstellar Lass’ World

1. Jeffrey Sebelia won Project Runway! I got scared that he wasn’t going to pull it off given the ‘issues’ that whiney, bitter Laura raised, but he did! Go Jeffrey!

2. Uli also had an amazing collection. Her clothes were fantastic. The colors were brilliant. And her dress than turned into a swimsuit really wow’d me.

3. Now I want to learn how to sew too. Actually, I’ve been wanting to learn, but that little thing called time really noses into my daily schedule.

4. Nick is taking Elle to Dad’s Movie Night at the school. He’d been wanting her to clean her room. I told her that if she did, he’d take her to Movie Night. Nick is not looking forward to it from the standpoint of it being an ‘organized function’ at the school.

5. That means Zed and I get a little date night too. It will not be devoted to doing more math! Math-free night!

6. I totally stunk at math in school. I did OK until I got to Geometry. Between Geometry and Algebra II, I cried so much because I just didn’t get it. Then Trig made sense to me.

7. I went to a little HH with a couple of my girlfriends last night. We haven’t seen each other out, without the boys, in quite a while. It was good!

8. Last weekend, Nick and I ran in to some of his friends that he knew back from when he lived in El Paso. We were walking in to the mall, they were walking out. Tomorrow night we’re going to their house for dinner. Their kids are younger, but Elle will be able to play with them. Zed will get his Gameboy just for the night so he has something to do.

9. On Tuesday, I got a flat of pansies delivered that I bought. Yesterday I got notice that bulbs I ordered from Burpee have been shipped. But those are for spring. The pansies are for now. I might have to go get some more though. My beds are in sad, sad shape.

10. My hair is driving me nuts. Growing it out is such a pain. It’s in that ‘too long but still too short to tuck behind your ears ‘ phase. And I can’t pull the whole thing back in a ponytail yet.

11. I need lots of coffee this morning. It’s chilly here. A cold front blew in (hard!) last night and it feels good. Nick and I slept with our bedroom window open. Refreshing!

12. I accidently killed a bird last night. I was driving along and didn’t see it. There was a car behind me so I couldn’t slam on the brakes. I told the bird to “Shoo! Shoo!” but it didn’t take off until it was under my car. I heard the thump. I’ve never run over an animal before. I don’t want to ever do it again.

13. In 24 hours, we will be homeowners! Closing is tomorrow. I feel slightly ill. Buying real estate is a bit of an ordeal. Copies of this and that and oh yeah, this too. Almost done!

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