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October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. ix

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Thirteen Things in Interstellar Lass’ World

1. Holy Crap! I forgot it was Thursday! So of course, I’m late.

2. Last weekend we went shopping for a back door. I currently have a sliding door, which I hate. They came to measure today, and of course the door space is about 16″ too wide, and 1″ too short. I will have to have a carptenter come frame-out the door space to make a standard size door fit.

3. Nick is going to El Paso this weekend. He’s not gone and I already miss him. Sniff, sniff…

4. Zed has poison ivy. From the retreat he went on at the beginning of October. He just showed me his leg yesterday. He said it’s been like that for two weeks. Honestly! I never see my his legs! He wears jeans all the time.

5. Nick and I have been watching The Biggest Loser. Ken (from Washington state) was eliminated last night. On his follow up, he’d lost another 70 pounds, bringing his total weight loss to 138 pounds. AMAZING! He’s done the best so far of all the ones sent home.

6. My pansies and my bulbs all arrived. Now I have to plant them. Maybe that will fill some of my time this weekend.

7. I just found out recently that my grandparents are calling my son every day to check on him. This bothers me. He calls me every day when he gets home, and he is never home alone for more than an hour and a half. In this time he is doing homework and chores.

8. It makes me mad because it makes me feel like they are sneaking behind my back and checking up on my kid because they think I’ve made a bad decision. I also feel like they are nosing in on my parenting decisions when they weren’t invited.

9. I think I need to go to the dentist and ask about a mouth guard. I think I’m grinding my teeth in my sleep. My jaw hurts.

10. I can’t believe this is the last Thursday in October!

11. Zed and Elle are going to be Superman and Supergirl for Halloween. Zed’s already got his costume. He tried it on the other night and was running all around the house making the cape fly.

12. I think if there were a Superman costume in Nick’s size, he would buy it.

13. I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in a couple of years. I can’t think of anything to dress as, and there’s no costume contest, so I’ll just hand out the candy.

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