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October 30, 2006

Witty Post Title Goes Here, Right?

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I have been having a horrible time getting a post out. Nothing is coming to me. I don’t know what the problem is. A sort of mental constipation perhaps. I try to think and all that comes out is some sort of Tasmanian Devil speak. Urk, splak, blee, squa, phhbbb, blee, urk!

Nick was out of town the whole weekend. I missed him. Mushy mushy and all that stuff.

Elle’s team had a great win over the weekend. They beat their opponents 6-0. Elle had an assist and an almost.

All of my friends had plans over the weekend, so I did a teeny bit house work and took long naps. Oh, and I finished the Sunday crossword. I haven’t done that in a while. Not the NYTimes Sunday Crossword. I don’t think I’ve ever finished one of those, or even got more than a handful of clues for that matter.

I bought the kids some new cool-weather clothes from JCPenney. They were having a pretty good sale.

I bought the tile for both bathroom floors. This weekend, in addition to my mom’s birthday party, Nick’s brother is coming up, and he’s going to help us demo our shower stall. While showering on Friday morning, I reached down to touch a tile that didn’t look right. It fell off the wall. Nice. There are a few more that look like they are on their last leg. An all new shower stall will be mandatory I think. The fun of home ownership!

Update: I also forgot to mention that I have a zit on my chin the size of the Lone Star, and just as bright (red). People must duck as I talk, lest the Lone Star poke them in the eye. AND it’s a bad hair day, made worse by the North Wind blowing cold air this way. The only saving grace? My news shoes (also purchased at Penney’s) that make my need for a pedicure horribly evident.

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