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October 13, 2006

Can I call in sick if I’m already at work?

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No? I didn’t think so. It’s such a damn gorgeous day outside. I got to work a little late, and the parking lot is half empty. I think I feel a cold coming on…*cough cough*.

Zed was sick yesterday. He has an upper respiratory infection. Poor thing. He had a pretty high fever too. Chills and everthing. At one point he was even talking in his sleep.

Tomorrow Elle is going to run her first 1K. In translation, it’s 0.621371192 miles. Zed was supposed to run too, but since he’s been sick, I don’t know if he will. I don’t want him getting sicker, especially since it’s respiratory.

We close on the house a week from today. I’m getting more and more excited!

One of my friends did the nicest thing yesterday. I’d told her all about Zed’s great report card and how he’s doing really well in school and with being responsible for himself and everything. Her job was having a charity fund-raiser, and she bid on an item. It was a stand-up cutout of Superman from the new movie. It’s of Superman flying. And she won it, and she gave it to Zed yesterday. We’re going to have to hang it on his ceiling, which is OK, because he’s flying! Thank you Steph! You are such a wonderful friend!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and great weather wherever you are! I mean except in Buffalo. Did you read about the record snowfall? I wish them lots of hot chocolate and cozy fires. The weekend here will be mostly sunny with highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s/60’s.

October 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Ed. vii

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Thirteen Random Articles at All thirteen articles were found by using the Random Article link in Wikipedia. I love Wiki. It’s fun to read when you’re bored and you learn lots of new stuff!

1. Joliet Prison – Used in the Blues Brother’s movie! I think old prisons are so cool.

2. Probabilistic encryption – Can someone help me understand? The word algorithm scares me.

3. Julie Clary – Napoleon’s sister-in-law. I with there was a time machine so I could go back and interview historical characters.

4. Anthony Marreco – Junior Counsel at the Nuremberg Trials and a founder of Amnesty International.

5. Resampling – Some mathematical statistic thing. My eyes glazed over.

6. Garden Types – Despite my half-ass efforts, my flower beds didn’t turn out as dazzling as I hoped this year. Must read later.

7. Butler County, PA – Named for a Revolutionary War Hero.

8. Garbage (album) – I adore Shirley Manson – she’s gorgeous and I love her accent and her voice. This was their debut album.

9. Ford Parklane – A one-year wonder of a vehicle.

10. Follow-On – A cricketing term. The game, not the insect. A game that is confusing.

11. Raymond of Sabunde – 14-15th Century Spanish philosopher/scholar. I would consider getting a 2nd BA in Philosophy.

12. High Courts of India – I can’t even navigate the American judicial system!

13. Aluminium phosphide – A poison used for stored cereal grains. I hope there’s none in my Cheerios.

Happy Wiki-Reading!

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Why does your voice sound squeaky?

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Elle asked Zed at dinner last night. Nick about choked and then giggled. I shook my head and grinned. Zed laughed.

It’s not the puberty squeak. Yet. I think he’s got a cold and his voice does sound deeper and scratchier than usual. But it was another reminder of how quickly my kids are growing up. Zed was 11, and puberty and all the things that go with it are just around the corner.

He’s had two monster zits on his nose in the last month. As zits go, they were pretty impressive. But unless I tell him to wash his face, he doesn’t do it. I even bought him face-wipes to use after gym. I found them, two weeks later, still in the Target bag, in his room. Thankfully he remembers to put on deodorant most of the time. And lately his hair always smells funky, even after he’s washed it.

Nick told me last night that Zed asked some interesting questions while they were out at the store. Is it alright to do something just to fit in with the crowd? What if you know it’s wrong and you still do it? What if it’s against God’s law? Will you have to ask for forgiveness? Nick was a little flabbergasted at first, trying to figure out where this was coming from. He couldn’t determine if it was related to discussions over the weekend at the church retreat, or actual events. I’m inclined to think it was the former, as part of a discussion topic/Bible lesson. Nick told him that it’s not necessary to follow the crowd. Being a Lone Ranger has it’s merits. Make your own path and your own way. Go read Nick’s take on it.

One thing about Zed is he’s a thinker. He’s like his dad in that way. Ruminates on something, and you don’t know about it until he hits you with it out of left field. We’ve also been trying to carefully analyze his friends and figure out who he’s hanging out with. Another one of his traits (that he got from me, unfortunately) is an overreaching desire to fit in and be accepted. He’s very trusting and wants to be liked, and my fear of him being influenced to do something he knows is wrong is only slightly mitigated by the fact that I have taught him right from wrong, and tried to be very honest about why he should make certain choices.

Is this it? The beginning of the teenage years? So far we’ve covered sex, drugs, online sexual predators, bullying, trust and honesty. But he’s barely a tween! Ready or not, I’m already barrelling down the path, aren’t I?

On Monday, Creative-Type Dad said, You must be doing something right. What’s the secret? At first I laughed and thought “Ha Ha, yeah, I just got lucky.” and was about to just move on. But then I really thought about it. There is no secret, no right formula, no ‘right’ way to parent. And if there is, no one clued me in. I’ve just tried to make good people.

October 10, 2006

Catching Up

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I’m a little behind, so I need to catch up on odds and ends.

Last Tuesday was my grandfather’s 75th birthday. We took him to a place called Babe’s. If you have any regard for your waistline or your coronary artery health, this is not the restaurant for you. Fortunately, I walk on the wild side. We found out Babe’s is actually associated, through marriage, to Bubba’s Fried Chicken. Babe and Bubba are husband and wife. Bubba’s is across from SMU, and there are a couple of locations for Babe’s. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, salad and biscuits. MMMMMMM. It was so.damn.good. The highlight? Watching my grandfather wear a chicken hat and flap his arms while they sang Happy Birthday to him. I’m evil. I know. I’ve accepted it and I’ve moved on. He was  a good sport, and it made the kids giggle, so that right there was worth it for him. And for some reason, in the pictures, they’re all doing Nick’s ‘Cool DJ pointing thing’. I don’t know why.

Saturday Elle had her Marathon Kids kick-off event. The kids ran a lap and a half around the track to start off their 26.2 mile trek over the next few months. We were the last group to run our lap, and Elle had decided she needed to be at the front of the herd so that she could run and people wouldn’t be in her way. In the pictures, you can see her at the front, saving her spot. She had to jockey for position with the boys around her, but kept herself at the head of the group. A few kids passed her, but I’m certain she was in the top 25 kids to finish. And she finished in front of all those boys standing around her. That’s my girl! Heck yeah! She also got autographs from J.J. Johnson, 2003 World Outdoor gold-medalist in the 4X100m relay.  Here’s the slideshow.

It was a full-moon weekend too. We just kind of relaxed and didn’t do much. I’m one skein short of finishing my friend’s baby gift. Elle and I got our nails done Sunday. It was fun to spend some girl-time together. It’s raining today. As soon as I parked and got out of my car, water poured into my shoes. It was raining hard. I think I should have stayed in bed. Actually, what I should have done was go watch Dean Karnazes run the White Rock course. An opportunity missed. I really have to not miss these things. Once-in-a-lifetime.

Also, ESPN2 is airing Primal Quest Utah. I watched last night. There’s four more installments. Check it out. It’s awesome.

October 9, 2006

Your kid was great!

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It was the only positive thing about waiting for an hour and a half in the church parking lot, waiting to pick up Zed last night. He was scheduled to arrive back at 8:30 pm from a church weekend-retreat. I arrived about 15 minutes early. And I waited. And waited.

My grandparents were already there. They live very close. I live about 35 minutes away. Then, as we were waiting and talking, my mom pulled up. How many family members does it take to pick up one kid? Well, I guess when he’s as cool as all that and everyone loves him, they want to see him. But still…

Evidently the group got caught in a traffic jam on the way back. Some accident that shut down the highway. Just glad it wasn’t our group! They finally pulled into the parking lot around 9:45 pm. Zed was dying of thirst and got his bags together quickly.

While he was waiting on his last bag by the trailer, I was loading up my trunk. A man approached me and asked if I was Zed’s mom. Yes, I am. “I just wanted to let you know that your son was great this weekend. He was one of two kids this weekend that I didn’t have to correct or talk to, and he was always helpful and doing what I needed him to do.” Well that’s a great thing to hear! Thanks for letting me know.

I must admit I got a big stupid grin on my face and my heart swelled with pride. When Zed got in the car, I told him I heard that he was really good and that I was very proud. He was so nonchalant and just moved on to tell me all about the weekend.

What a great kid.

October 6, 2006

Adjectives for $1,000, Alex

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As in, I will give you $1,000 if you can come up with another adjective other than f*cking. During our monthly sabbatical to Starbucks last night, Nick and I sat outside, enjoying books and lattes. Meanwhile, some teenagers sat outside having a competition. Must have been. And the competition was: Who can use the word f*cking the most to modify their other curse words?!? We had:

f*cking a$$hole
f*cking $hit
f*cking bull$hit
f*ucking d*ck
f*cking c*nt

In addition to other streaming obscenities, mixed in for good measure, of course. I wanted to rip my eyes out their tongues out their mouth and beat them with them. If you’re going to be so crass, at least put some creativity into it.

There I was, basking in the brilliance that is Tom Robbins, and my accompaniment was a waterfall of profanity. It’s bad enough that the patio is balanced on a sliver of pavement between the parking lot, the drive thru and the store. But this! It was unbearable, unendurable, intolerable and downright calamitous!

But what do I do? It’s a free country that offers free speech to all it’s citizens, right? There’s no law against profanity, is there? Perhaps I could claim verbal assault against my ears and my soul. File a complaint with law enforcement. Sue to have their mouths washed out with soap. And perhaps a sound spanking for good measure.

October 5, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, Ed. VI

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Thirteen Things going on with InterstellarLass.

1. Just fifteen more days until we close on our house. And then we’ll be Homeowners. That’s both exciting and scary to me.

2. The sewer repair company has made me an offer for $200 on my bathtub. I don’t know whether or not to take it. There aren’t many tubs that can be bought for $200, and that doesn’t include installation.

3. I’m itching to rip up the floors in my bathrooms and tile! I spent last weekend taking pictures and didn’t have any time on my knees! Tiling.

4. About two months ago, Nick drove our unsold twin-on-full bunkbed down to his brother’s house. Nick’s niece wanted the bunkbeds. She definitely wanted them. Two months later, his brother finally takes it to her. And.She.Doesn’t.Want.Them. I was going to sell it to her for about half of what I had it priced at the garage sale. AND it cost us gas to take it there in the first place. Now it’s going to cost us more gas to go get it back! Grrr. And this is going to prevent me from being on my knees this weekend too!

5. I did my step class again last night. You know. The one with the huffing instructor? Except now she’s changing it up on me! We did more ‘kickboxing’ type stuff last night. My arms hurt. My legs hurt. I like the regular step format better, but they’ve moved that class to 5 pm, and I can’t make it. I’m bummed.

6. I didn’t get many ideas for my mom’s party. Ahem. Not looking at anyone here… I think I’m just going to do a dinner for her. And make her a memory book. Hopefully she doesn’t cry. But I know she will. She’s really sentimental and emotional like that.

7. I spent 45 minutes last night trying to pick invitations. I’m glad I didn’t print them though. The location I wanted to book didn’t have availability, but another location did! Phew! Now…do I do a buffet or let people just order from the menu?

8. The kids have been on Fall Break this week. We didn’t have fall break when I was a kid. I think it’s kinda dumb. They’ve only been in school seven weeks after a full summer break, and they need another vacation?

9. Newsflash: Today is October 5, and today’s high is forecast to be 90 degrees. Texas weather sucks. Until at least next Tuesday anyway. Forecast high then? 77 degrees. Ahhh…

10. I’m so glad the pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks. They are fantastic. And I don’t like pumpkin!

11. I was also given a lotion from Bath & Body Works that’s a Pumpkin Spice flavor. It smells so yummy.

12. Saturday morning I’m taking Elle to the Marathon Kids kick-off run. She did this last year, but we didn’t make either the opening or closing ceremonies. She’s really looking forward to it this year.

13. I’m going to go ahead and be all mushy and stuff now. Look away if you must. But Nick and I love like this. It’s the way of our people. Happy Anniversary baby. Who knew that when I walked into Starbucks 15 months ago today…

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October 4, 2006

Big City Girl?

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From my previous post, one might assume that I’m in love with Dallas. And Dallas is a great city. It has world-class arts including Opera, Ballet, Symphony, and museums. We have professional sports teams, although the Stars and the Mavericks are the only ones that play within the Dallas city limits. The Cowboys are currently in Irving, and they’ll eventually join the Rangers in Arlington. During the day, downtown is a thriving business community. The city is trying to revive the residential aspect of downtown, but with price points what they are, and the public schools in their current state, living downtown only lends itself to wealthy single people.

The suburbs have better schools and houses with yards. A bus and light-rail line system called DART allow travel between the city and the majority of the suburbs, but only if you are an expert planner and an early riser will it get you anywhere you want to go.

Just like in the movies, football is king. Last Friday night, I could hear the bells and the band from the high school game down the road. Plano has three senior high schools (junior and senior year only), and there is a big rivalry between PSH and PESH. Plano West is the newer of the three and services the very wealthy, tony West Side.

And while I like all the ‘goings on’ that the big city offers, there are many things that are just old about it for me. The scenery for one. If you like flat and concrete, Dallas is for you. And the summer heat scorches everything in sight, so if you don’t mind hot, brown summers, Dallas is for you. And the Metroplex is so big, you can’t get away from the city. At the lakes and at the parks you can always hear cars and highway and airplanes.

And no one cares. People talk on their cellphones and drive like idiots, cutting you off in traffic, and flipping you off because they’re in the right. Everywhere you look, people are moving and rushing and have those stupid bluetooth things stuck to their heads. And no one stops. It’s constant noise.

When I was a kid, the books I used to read were set in slower times. Before technology came in and we all were healthier and lived longer and had more disposable income. But we have to grow, change, progress. But how much progressing can we do before we can’t progress anymore?

And why can’t I just have my cabin in the woods?

October 2, 2006

Photo Tour de Dallas

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The ever-lovely Miss Laura at Vitamin Sea has insprired several bl*ggers to share their hometowns. I was surprised that so many of you have never been to Dallas! Dorothy wanted to see a view of the Dallas skyline and Reunion Tower. Vicki wanted a big sculpture. SaraSue asked for Dealy Plaza and a picture of a real Dallas Cowboy. Many others didn’t know what to ask for, so I tried to come up with what I could.


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