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November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xiv OR Another Day Older

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Thirteen Thoughts about Interstellar Lass’ 32nd Birthday

1. And another year older. Hello 32! So young! you all say. Perhaps. But I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul. Maybe just a solitary soul…one that’s good in crowds.
2. What shall I do for my birthday today? Well, considering I’m writing this on Wednesday, my Birthday Eve, I don’t yet know. Tonight I’m sitting on the couch, Nick is in his chair, there is a fire in the fireplace. Only the second since I’ve lived in this house…just over two years now.
3. I can make a good fire, you know. It’s been roaring along. Nick’s been getting the benefit of the warmth though…he’s closer to the fire. I’m across the living room.
4. Letterman is on right now. Richard Simmons is one of the guests. For a guy his age, he’s got great legs, well, thighs, but he’s very knock-kneed, which I never noticed before. But really, all I can say is that I’m glad he hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Instead he got a Bedazzler. I don’t know which is more scary.
5. Anyway, the dogs are in tonight. It’s supposed to get really, really cold tonight. And tomorrow night. I like having the dogs inside, laying on my feet. Wrigley is bigger, and therefore makes a better foot warmer. But she also farts bad.
6. It’s also supposed to rain/sleet/snow tomorrow. If the kids end up having off from school, I may get to stay home. But I am close to work, and I did send an email to my team telling them to use their best judgment. I guess I have to be a good example, so if it’s not too dangerous, I’ll end up going in for awhile.
7. I’m 32. Wow. Time flies.
8. Last year, Nick threw me my first ‘surprise’ party. I put ‘surprise’ in quotes because he ran into some planning issues, and in a moment of weakness he spilled. But it was still sweet. No one had given me a surprise party before. There’s a picture of us on my desk that was taken at the party last year. We’re both laughing and smiling. It’s my favorite picture of us.
9. Tonight we’ll go out with the kids for dinner. Then shopping for two new basketballs and basketball shoes. Both kids have games on Saturday.
10. Friday night is supposed to be my department’s Holiday party. I think it should warm up just fine Friday. I need to find something to wear though. It’s supposed to be ‘business casual, but I need more clothes anyway. AND I have gift certificates to DSW for new shoes.
11. Saturday night I’m going out with my friends. We’re going to The Melting Pot. I’ve never had fondue before, and I’ve heard it’s really good there. Then we’re going to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. I’ve heard that it’s a rockin’ good time. I’ll be singing and clapping along merrily.
12. Sunday I think we’ll go to brunch with my family. I have a free brunch coupon at Blue Mesa. They have great brunches. I’ll get a little hair-of-the-dog with their mimosas.
13. Happy Birthday to all my cool November birthday people! he he he…Wrigley is snoring under my feet!

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November 29, 2006

Even though it wasn’t cold

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I still had a fun time in KC. On Friday, I was sweating in my tank top and sweater. It was WARM. Saturday & Sunday I was fine in a t-shirt. By Monday it had clouded up and I was able to go about in long sleeves without perspiring.

My travel advice? Fly early the day after a major holiday. The 3:45 am wake-up call was tempered by the fact that our flight was over half empty. We were able to move to the bulkhead row and enjoy the extra leg room. The Xanax also helped me to sleep the whole flight up. Nick and I had a quiet breakfast, and then headed over to his friend Cara’s.

We just spent the weekend hanging out, seeing some sites, sleeping in a little, and just bein’ groovy. It was relaxing, and I totally didn’t want to come back home. We saw the Plaza Lights one night. Some time I’m going to be there for the actual lighting on Thanksgiving night. It was so pretty. The one thing that would have made it perfect would have been a little chilly weather to go with it.

I still need to get my photos developed. It’s supposed to be lovely and cold and wet and snowy here tomorrow. Just what I wanted for my birthday. I’m also nearing my 500th post. I’ll have to come up with something special for that as well. Stay tuned! It’s sure to be super exciting around here the next couple of days!

November 28, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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I’m back and I’m bitchin’. No, vacation wasn’t bad. I had a fantastic time. It was very relaxing for us to get away and hang out with Nick’s friends. But, Miss Laura at Vitamin Sea needed to get a bit of Thanksgiving steam off her chest, and I had a few tidbits to bemoan as well, so here we go.

I love my grandfather, but the older he gets, the more difficult he is to be around. Twenty-five plus years of diabetes is taking it’s toll on him, and about the only things it hasn’t affected is his hearing, his voice, his malice and his need to be the center of attention. You may recall the memory book I made for my mom’s birthday. My cousin, who hosted Thanksgiving, is also a scrapbooker (she’s a thousand times better than me). So, my grandfather had to do his own ‘book’ which turned out to be pictures placed in 4-per-page picture slots in a standard album. While my mom was showing the out-of-town family her book she got for her birthday, he had to sit down next to everyone and force-feed his book to them, often interrupting my mother’s sharing. I didn’t know she was bringing the book, and I said nothing but ‘thank you’ when people commented on it. When he wasn’t chasing everyone down with the book, he was complaining about Kelly Clarkson (she has the most off key-voice ever and he had to warble over her singing of the national anthem while everyone was trying to listen), telling off-color jokes that no one wanted to hear, and expounding on exactly what the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys is doing wrong.

During our airport experience on Friday morning, I got upset about two things. Thing the first – I took my knitting bag with me, and I inadvertently left my knitting scissors in the knitting bag. I wasn’t worried about the knitting needles – they were bamboo and blunted. But the scissors went through security with nary a word said. These are your standard ‘craft’ scissors, fairly sharp, pointed, and with 3.5″ blades and plastic handles. Plus, I discovered I had a perfume aerosol in my purse. Also got through. Instead, they chose to pull aside for examination the 70+ year old woman with such bad rheumatoid arthritis that she had lost all use of her hands. They looked like floppy rubber hands on the ends of her wrists, and she had elbow pads on to cushion what I assumed to be badly swollen elbow joints. They had to feel her up, squeezing her elbow pads and the rest of her arms, plus examine all of her medicines. Meanwhile, a man who looked strongly Middle Eastern, and that had ridden our car shuttle bus with us and seemed to be talking to himself and smiling strangely (I looked – no iPod or phone ear piece), was allowed through with a wave and a smile. Amazing. Oh, and the Kansas City airport really needs to set up a concession stand inside security. All their shops are outside the security border, so you can’t get anything to take on the plane.

I forgot my camera on our trip. I had to buy disposables. Pictures will be delayed due to processing, and will possibly be quite shitty in quality and quantitiy. My only excuse is we had to get up at 3:45 am on Friday to catch our 6:40 am flight. Oh, and one last thing. It was warm in KC during our stay. Dangit. It was supposed to be my taste of real winter, and I was in a t-shirt during the day. 😦 And when does it get cold? Thursday. My birthday. And it’s supposed to snow there. Waaa!

November 24, 2006

On Vacation

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Be back soon!  


November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xiii

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Thirteen Things Interstellar Lass Is Thankful for this Thanksgiving

1. My family. On January 1 of this year, Nick and I formed a new family. The transition was a bit choppy at first, but we’ve smoothed out some of the rough edges and we’re humming along beautifully. We are happy!

2. Nick. He is an amazing man. He’s a wonderful step-father. He loves me, supports me, and treats me like I’ve always wanted to be treated. The kids trust, respect, love and appreciate him. We are lucky to have found him.

3. Our house. There is work to be done. We are making it our home. It feels wonderful to have our own home.

4. A healthy year. We didn’t have any major illnesses or health issues this year. That’s a good thing.

5. Smart, happy kids. Elle is doing much better in school this year. She’s really put in a lot of effort to do better. And Zed brought up his grades between the progress report and his last report card. Not quite to where I wanted, but pretty darn close. Elle had a couple of great soccer seasons, and they’re both looking forward to playing basketball this winter.

6. Resources. You know, the resources to make improvements to the house, the resources to let the kids play sports, and the resources to have a little fun along the way.

7. Being a mom. It helps me to have patience, empathy, and sympathy. Being a mom reminds me that taking care of others is a priviledge that has great rewards.

8. Laughter. I think we have a lot of laughter in our house. I think it helps to have a sense of humor.

9. My friends. Getting away with them, playing poker with them, having fun and being girlfriends. They’re all so neat in different ways.

10. Growth. I feel that I’ve grown this year. I’m a lot calmer than I used to be, and I think I’ve done a lot to improve myself and my kids this year. And I’m watching more closely as my kids grow up. I’ve seen them do some awesome things this year, and I’m so proud that they are growing!

11. Ya’ll! I appreciate the support, the affirmation, and the laughter that you all give me, both about my life and yours! I have realized so many times that I’m not the only one that feels a certain way about things, or struggles with certain things. We’re all in the same boat and just doing the best we can.

12. My calendar/planner. I’ve done a good job this year of keeping up with my calendar/planner, and it’s helped me be more organized. I’ve still got lots more to do, but I’m getting there!

13. Thanksgiving. For reminding me to think about all I have to be thankful for.

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November 22, 2006

Signs the world is coming to an end…

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My 73 year-old grandmother just got a Bluetooth headset. Pack your belongings people…the end is near…

November 21, 2006

A Frustrated Little Girl

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Patience is not one of my virtues, so I don’t suppose I passed that gene on to either Elle or Zed. Along with pre-disposed impatience and today’s hurry-up attitude, instant gratification seems to be expected. So, I sort of have an attitude of “Think positive and hope for the best, but always be prepared to be disappointed.” My kids seem to sometimes leave that first bit out.

Elle still hasn’t received her glasses. I could have taken the damn things to LensMasters or EyeCrafters and gotten them in an hour or so. But, the doctor’s office that did Elle’s eye exam also has a lens shop, and so we used them. We expected 3-5 working days to get her glasses in. Including the day we went in for the exam (in the morning), today is now working day 8, and no glasses. Last Wednesday she started asking, and pouted when I said they hadn’t called. By Friday she was crying. She wants her glasses. Understandable. They’ve been hyped up to be wonderful and to solve several problems she’s been having, namely with reading and depth perception. I finally called yesterday after no communication from the doctor’s office. There was a defect with the frames in stock. So they ordered new frames. Lenses are at the ready.

Now, I could call and rant and complain, but I’m not actually paying for anything. My insurance covers the exam, lenses, frames, coatings, AND that special stuff that turns the lenses dark in the sunlight for ‘instant sunglasses’.

So, last night, again, she cried. I don’t know if she was already in a bad mood or what. But her after-school director said that she’d complimented Elle on her hair and was ignored. Another coach complimented her as we walked out the door, and Elle ignored him. I made her come back and say thank you. OK, say it again, without the sarcasm this time. Poor thing is frustrated, but she still must be gracious under fire. Then, last night over dinner, Nick was recounting how he used to get in trouble as a kid. Zed brought up an incident with The Ex, which Zed now refers to as ‘the worst day of his life’. He was four at the time. He’s now eleven. And this memory will be etched in his mind forever. My Ex is an asshole. While on the subject of bad memories, Zed also said he remembered when his dad left the first time, when he was five.

Then Elle piped up. A few weeks ago she was sad because The Ex had to work on one of the nights he’s supposed to take the kids to dinner. She asked me that night why her dad ever left. I told her she’d have to ask her dad, because mommy didn’t have an answer (that she needed to hear). Well, anyway, she said last night that she had asked her dad. His answer? Ask your mom. I was floored. He infuriates me with his refusal to step up and act like a parent. You can’t walk out on your kids and pass the buck and not offer them an answer. I realize you’re tired of them asking the questions, but they’re just a couple of kids, living with someone else’s choice for their life, and they deserve a response.

So, she was feeling down. And so while we waited in the car for Nick to get garbage bags from Target, we talked. I came up with all the wonderful things there are about her. And then Zed chimed in about all the things he likes about having her as a sister; things he’d miss if she wasn’t his sister. I’d say something, and Zed would say something, and we kept building on it. Eventually she was smiling again, and feeling good. She has a thousand wonderful things about her, and yet that sense of rejection from her dad pains her so much. I know the impact of it all too well from personal experience, and it kills me that she’s hurting over this.

Her teacher identified her for the mentoring program at her school. Students from the jr high, high school, former teachers and other volunteers serve as mentors for the elementary age kids. They get about 30 minutes of one-on-one time each week. The purpose is to build self-esteem. When I first heard about it, my first reaction was “My kid has plenty of self-esteem!”. But then I really thought about it. And I realized she’s like me. She puts on more of a front than she lets on. And so I signed her up for this program. It doesn’t cost anything, and she can learn something and benefit from it. And if this is something that can give her the confidence and self-esteem to be happy and healthy, then I’m all for it. I have high hopes for her. Like most parents and mothers, I don’t want my kid to repeat some of the mistakes I made.

November 20, 2006

Why do they do it?

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This weekend was the Ultracentric National Championships, held right here in Texas. Grapevine to be exact. These are people that have decided that the marathon is no longer enough. That they need to run 50 or 100 or more miles to get the job done. It’s beyond me, but I left feeling like a total slug.

My friend Judy ran the 24 hour event. She rocks! She made it 52.8 miles (double marathons, plus .4 miles for good measure) before she gave in to blisters and pained hamstrings. She decided not to push it any further after 13:04:03.75 of forward motion. After all, she’s pushing for a sub-4 hour PR at the Tucson Marathon next month. It’s a great course to do a PR on (all downhill!) and she’s really been putting in the miles. Go Judy!

I went out to the race at 8 pm to cheer her on. I walked her second-to-last loop with her, and she did the last loop on her own. Then I volunteered at the aid station until 1 am, serving up hot soup, burgers, pasta, rice and sweet and salty snacks to runners.  They were cold and tired, and some had been running for 36 hours or more in the 48 hour event. Most with smiles on their faces. I admired them all. Even the grumpy ones. Hell. I’d be a bitch-on-wheels too if I’d been running that long!

And I couldn’t do the same 2.4 mile loop over and over. Nope. I’d need to be like Forrest. Just put a long road out there and tell me to run. And put some barking dogs behind me.


November 17, 2006

Kee Triller

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Yeah, I’m pretty sure “It’s hard getting my tongue to work that way.” was my quote last weekend. It seems I need to work on my inunciation. Is it a symptom of something when your tongue gets lazy? I mean something other than being drunk, which I’m not. At least not at this moment.

I think I’ve lost sharpness. Like my vertical hold is off or something. My mind is no longer clear. I don’t remember things. If it didn’t happen in the last 24 hours, it’s gone.

I smell pencil shavings. But there are no pencils around. Last week I smelled fish outside. Other strange smells have been doing a hit-and-run on my senses lately.

Maybe I have a tumor.

November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xii

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Thirteen Reasons Interstellar Lass Is Happy to not Host Thanksgiving Dinner, or Things I Don’t Want to Repeat From Last Year.

1. Cleaning! Top to bottom, and even in the corners.

2. My guests wouldn’t have to stare at the studs in our bathroom.

3. I don’t have to get up at 5 am to put the 23.54 pound turkey in the oven by 7.

4. My mom, sisters and grandmother aren’t all crammed in my kitchen asking what they can do to help, breaking up my kitchen choreography.

5. My grandmsother isn’t plopping down her cooler and pulling out half her kitchen to finish the salad she was supposed to bring.

6. I’m not trying to seat 17 people in my living room.

7. I’m not completely rearranging and moving my living room and dining room so I can seat 17 people.

8. Nick’s not going to throw out his back moving a TV into my house.

9. I don’t have to do dishes for days!

10. Zero stress.

11. My grandfather won’t be falling on the sidewalk outside of my house.

12. I won’t have to prompt people to leave after 7 hours.

13. The one negative? No compliments on the cooking.

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