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November 6, 2006


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I guess I didn’t get the memo that the weekend is supposed to be about rest and relaxation. It is, isn’t it? Maybe I just forgot. It seems like long ago that’s what I would do on those days called Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday, Elle had soccer photos.

Then I was desperate to find a skein of yarn…I ran out with 12 rows to go on my baby blanket (photos to come soon!) for my friend’s baby shower (at 3 pm that day of course…I plan ahead don’t you know!) . No one in town either a) carries the brand and type of yarn that I needed or b) did carry it but was sold out. Yeah, out of 5 yarn stores in town, and just one carries this popular brand. Drat.

Quick (late) breakfast with Elle.

Dash to Central Market to pick up mom’s cake.

Drop cake at restaurant.

Go home. Wrap baby gift. Put on make up and try to look half presentable.

Drive to baby shower. Ooh and ahh over gifts. Hug hug. Sorry the gift isn’t done. Now that you’ve opened it (unfinished), I’m taking it back.

Drive home. Wrap mom’s gift. Review and approve children’s clothing.

Go to restaurant. Order shot of Patron Silver (I have discriminating taste). Spend three hours laughing, drinking, eating, recovering from eating two fresh (and HOT!) jalapeno’s on dare from sister’s boyfriend. Watch mom cry buckets while looking through the memory book I made for her.

Nick drives home. We all go to bed.

Sunday. Sun rises. Nick takes children to breakfast. Lie in bed wishing I was really sleeping when in reality I was waking up every five minutes.

Drag self out of bed. No coffee. Want to cry.

Pull gardening supplies and tools out of garage. Move marigolds, pull weeds, pour out five bags of humus and top soil. Plant bulbs. Clean up.

Elle’s soccer game at 3. Team wins, 3-0. End season 4 W – 4 L. All losses were to club teams in our league, and not blowouts, so we’re happy.

I think I finally started breathing at about 6 pm last night when my brain turned to mush. I don’t remember much except waking up again this morning, and it was already Monday!

Happy Monday people! Was your weekend as exciting as mine? Also, do cats like to sleep on marigolds? Mine were crushed this morning like some animal had made out with them.

Update: I did a Google search, and it turns out cats are supposed to be repelled by marigolds. Which is strange, because it definitely looks like some animal bedded down with my flowers. But, it did storm last night, so maybe it’s just the wind and the rain. Either way, I’m going to have to get some stakes to help them stand up. They’re getting tall and floppy.

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