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November 12, 2006

Wimberley Weekend

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I took the day off Friday to pack and get ready for a Girl’s Weekend down in Wimberley, TX. Four of my girlfriends and I rented a house just outside of Wimberley. The house was called Lejos, which means “far away” in Spanish. The place was gorgeous! The photos on the web site didn’t do the place justice. When we pulled up we were sure that it was two houses, and we were only going to have one part. But no, the whole thing was ours!

Backing up, the drive down was nice. The traffic was’t too bad, and when we approached Austin and the traffic started getting heavy, we stopped for dinner and margaritas at Chuy’s. They have good TexMex. But, the Austin location didn’t have the shrimp taquitos I was craving, and the jalapeno ranch couldn’t quite mask the chicken taquitos for which I settled. The margaritas helped some. Hey, I wasn’t driving.

Finding our way into Wimberley in the dark, off country back roads wasn’t easy. But, after circling the wrong square, we found the property management office and our key. Like I said, the house was great. The hot tub was a bit cool on Friday night, but by Saturday night, we had it all nice and toasty. We made fires in the fire pit and fireplace, played music piped over a speaker system, drank wine, caught up on gossip, and just relaxed.

On Saturday, after shopping on the square, we went to Wimberley Glass Works. We saw a glass blowing demonstration. I’d seen glass made before on TV, but in real life it’s so much better. I plan on taking my kids back, because it was so cool. They made a swing vase. Sadly we did’t get to see the finished product. After the glass is blown, it has to cool slowly in an annealing oven so that the glass doesn’t burst. But, if anyone wants to get me this for my birthday, I’d be ever so happy. You can see videos of the glassblowing here and here.

It was nice to get away and relax, but it was even nicer to come back home and see my husband and my kids. I’ll be taking them to Wimberley soon. It’s a different pace, there was spotty cell reception (which is a good thing!) and the people were nice. Wimberley Pie Co. had the BEST buttermilk pie I’ve ever had. Here are all the pictures I took.

Update: And just to make you a little more jealous, and a little more curious, here are this weekend’s top quotes.

  • You can’t do yoga on a bike.
  • That wasn’t what I meant when I came up with that game.
  • Do you want to sit on the crack? No, I sit on a crack everyday.
  • I don’t do ugly.
  • Oh, that was my outside voice.
  • Is anything stuck to me?
  • Are you coming?
  • Where do I stick it in?
  • It ate it! It ate it!
  • I smell something burning.
  • Breaker, breaker we’re going in.
  • Can I see id please?
  • Are you legal?
  • I need something hard to twist.
  • That cop was kinda cute.
  • Save the brownies, save the world.
  • You can best see the true colors when you put it in the glory hole.
  • You’re not getting me to sleep with you.
  • You’re still not getting me to sleep with you.
  • I don’t like any thing mushy.
  • It’s hard getting my tongue to work that way.
  • I think I need to unbutton my pants.
  • It’s just too much meat.
  • Ohhhh, I just boobed you.
  • Oh, I’m so not sleeping with you.

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