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November 14, 2006

So, Dinner Last Night Was Good

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I cooked. Pasta in a cream sauce with bell peppers, peas and garlic. I liked it a lot in fact. I found the recipe on The only thing I did different was use heavy cream rather than half-and-half. Next time I might use a few less peas. That seemed to be a lot of peas. Zed was about poisoned by the peas. I told him to stuff the peas inside the pasta and pretend like they weren’t there. Elle did the dishes. She’s so helpful.

Today I’m going to lunch with Elle. She’s been begging. I’ve been avoiding. I’m going to have to pick something up and take it. School cafeteria food is gross. I tried last year. I can’t do it again.

We got Zed’s report card. He went up in a couple of classes, down in the rest, and didn’t bring his grades up to the level I asked after the last three-week-progress report. Another three weeks to check on the progress report before he earns some things back.

Elle has to get glasses. We went last Friday for the appointment. Her glasses should be in some time later this week. If I do say so myself, she will look adorable in her frames. And we even got the cool lenses that darken in the sun.

We’re so ghetto, we still don’t have our shower started. When we took out the old shower receptor, the pipe was rusted to it, and came out the ground. Dirt caved into the sewer pipe. Ooops. I have a feeling that wasn’t connected either, after the toilet sewer connections were repaired. I’m thinking par-for-the-course. Then, when Elle was bathing last week, she put her feet on the soapdish, which promptly broke off the wall, causing Elle to fall in the tub and hurt her back. So we have a plastic bag and clear duct tape covering the sheetrock, because it’s our only shower right now. I came up with that ingenious little fix myself. I rock. We’re ghetto!

I’m happy we’re having Thanksgiving at my cousin’s. But right now I’m concerned about Christmas. My family is used to having Christmas together and at our house. Nick wants to go to his brother’s. If I tell my family we’re not going to be around for Christmas, it’ll be like a nuclear explosion went off and we’re all suddenly in the twilight zone. I don’t know what to do. I like Christmas Day, and I like hosting it, but it does stress me out somewhat. I just don’t know what to do.

Update: Christmas Eve is an excellent suggestion. Unfortunately, The Ex’s family has only ever celebrated Christmas Eve, so it’s in the divorce agreement that the kids are with The Ex that night. Which is why the dilemma is worse.

The drive to Bubba’s house is 2.5 hours, with no stops. He lives kind of out in the middle of nowhere, and with that kind of drive, it makes it hard to go there and back and still have a day to spend with my family, and get things sorted after The Opening of The Gifts.

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