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November 15, 2006

Just a little windy

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It’s another day of the Texas Winter Rollercoaster. I’d like for our weather charts to be a nice straight line, hovering somewhere around 45-50 degrees. Instead, we get the 75-45 up and down roller coaster weather charts.

Today we’re having 50 mph wind guts, and steady winds of 20+ mph. We lost part of a tree here at work. I’m worried about my tree at home now.

I looked out side this morning, and all the leaves had blown out of my yard…and onto my patio. A good task for Zed to make an attempt to get all those leaves in a bag, don’t you think?

Last night I voted as many times as possible for Emmit Smith on Dancing with the Stars. I have to admit we’ve kinda been watching, and when Joey ‘Whoa!’ Lawrence got voted off last week, I had to throw my support to Mr. Smith. He was a good Cowboy back in the day, so I had to vote for him. Granted, Mr. A.C. Slater has those dimples, and his ass was good viewing on Nip/Tuck earlier this season, but I gotta vote local.

Does anyone remember back in 1998 when Herschel Walker made headlines by dancing with the Fort Worth Ballet? I think more men should dance.

Update: And just in case you didn’t get that it was windy, here’s a weather report for you. (It’s an audio file)

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