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November 16, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xii

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Thirteen Reasons Interstellar Lass Is Happy to not Host Thanksgiving Dinner, or Things I Don’t Want to Repeat From Last Year.

1. Cleaning! Top to bottom, and even in the corners.

2. My guests wouldn’t have to stare at the studs in our bathroom.

3. I don’t have to get up at 5 am to put the 23.54 pound turkey in the oven by 7.

4. My mom, sisters and grandmother aren’t all crammed in my kitchen asking what they can do to help, breaking up my kitchen choreography.

5. My grandmsother isn’t plopping down her cooler and pulling out half her kitchen to finish the salad she was supposed to bring.

6. I’m not trying to seat 17 people in my living room.

7. I’m not completely rearranging and moving my living room and dining room so I can seat 17 people.

8. Nick’s not going to throw out his back moving a TV into my house.

9. I don’t have to do dishes for days!

10. Zero stress.

11. My grandfather won’t be falling on the sidewalk outside of my house.

12. I won’t have to prompt people to leave after 7 hours.

13. The one negative? No compliments on the cooking.

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