Interstellar Adventures

November 17, 2006

Kee Triller

Filed under: Brain Farts — by InterstellarLass @ 11:18 am

Yeah, I’m pretty sure “It’s hard getting my tongue to work that way.” was my quote last weekend. It seems I need to work on my inunciation. Is it a symptom of something when your tongue gets lazy? I mean something other than being drunk, which I’m not. At least not at this moment.

I think I’ve lost sharpness. Like my vertical hold is off or something. My mind is no longer clear. I don’t remember things. If it didn’t happen in the last 24 hours, it’s gone.

I smell pencil shavings. But there are no pencils around. Last week I smelled fish outside. Other strange smells have been doing a hit-and-run on my senses lately.

Maybe I have a tumor.

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