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November 28, 2006

Tuesday Stew

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I’m back and I’m bitchin’. No, vacation wasn’t bad. I had a fantastic time. It was very relaxing for us to get away and hang out with Nick’s friends. But, Miss Laura at Vitamin Sea needed to get a bit of Thanksgiving steam off her chest, and I had a few tidbits to bemoan as well, so here we go.

I love my grandfather, but the older he gets, the more difficult he is to be around. Twenty-five plus years of diabetes is taking it’s toll on him, and about the only things it hasn’t affected is his hearing, his voice, his malice and his need to be the center of attention. You may recall the memory book I made for my mom’s birthday. My cousin, who hosted Thanksgiving, is also a scrapbooker (she’s a thousand times better than me). So, my grandfather had to do his own ‘book’ which turned out to be pictures placed in 4-per-page picture slots in a standard album. While my mom was showing the out-of-town family her book she got for her birthday, he had to sit down next to everyone and force-feed his book to them, often interrupting my mother’s sharing. I didn’t know she was bringing the book, and I said nothing but ‘thank you’ when people commented on it. When he wasn’t chasing everyone down with the book, he was complaining about Kelly Clarkson (she has the most off key-voice ever and he had to warble over her singing of the national anthem while everyone was trying to listen), telling off-color jokes that no one wanted to hear, and expounding on exactly what the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys is doing wrong.

During our airport experience on Friday morning, I got upset about two things. Thing the first – I took my knitting bag with me, and I inadvertently left my knitting scissors in the knitting bag. I wasn’t worried about the knitting needles – they were bamboo and blunted. But the scissors went through security with nary a word said. These are your standard ‘craft’ scissors, fairly sharp, pointed, and with 3.5″ blades and plastic handles. Plus, I discovered I had a perfume aerosol in my purse. Also got through. Instead, they chose to pull aside for examination the 70+ year old woman with such bad rheumatoid arthritis that she had lost all use of her hands. They looked like floppy rubber hands on the ends of her wrists, and she had elbow pads on to cushion what I assumed to be badly swollen elbow joints. They had to feel her up, squeezing her elbow pads and the rest of her arms, plus examine all of her medicines. Meanwhile, a man who looked strongly Middle Eastern, and that had ridden our car shuttle bus with us and seemed to be talking to himself and smiling strangely (I looked – no iPod or phone ear piece), was allowed through with a wave and a smile. Amazing. Oh, and the Kansas City airport really needs to set up a concession stand inside security. All their shops are outside the security border, so you can’t get anything to take on the plane.

I forgot my camera on our trip. I had to buy disposables. Pictures will be delayed due to processing, and will possibly be quite shitty in quality and quantitiy. My only excuse is we had to get up at 3:45 am on Friday to catch our 6:40 am flight. Oh, and one last thing. It was warm in KC during our stay. Dangit. It was supposed to be my taste of real winter, and I was in a t-shirt during the day. 😦 And when does it get cold? Thursday. My birthday. And it’s supposed to snow there. Waaa!

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