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November 29, 2006

Even though it wasn’t cold

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I still had a fun time in KC. On Friday, I was sweating in my tank top and sweater. It was WARM. Saturday & Sunday I was fine in a t-shirt. By Monday it had clouded up and I was able to go about in long sleeves without perspiring.

My travel advice? Fly early the day after a major holiday. The 3:45 am wake-up call was tempered by the fact that our flight was over half empty. We were able to move to the bulkhead row and enjoy the extra leg room. The Xanax also helped me to sleep the whole flight up. Nick and I had a quiet breakfast, and then headed over to his friend Cara’s.

We just spent the weekend hanging out, seeing some sites, sleeping in a little, and just bein’ groovy. It was relaxing, and I totally didn’t want to come back home. We saw the Plaza Lights one night. Some time I’m going to be there for the actual lighting on Thanksgiving night. It was so pretty. The one thing that would have made it perfect would have been a little chilly weather to go with it.

I still need to get my photos developed. It’s supposed to be lovely and cold and wet and snowy here tomorrow. Just what I wanted for my birthday. I’m also nearing my 500th post. I’ll have to come up with something special for that as well. Stay tuned! It’s sure to be super exciting around here the next couple of days!

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