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November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, ed. xiv OR Another Day Older

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Thirteen Thoughts about Interstellar Lass’ 32nd Birthday

1. And another year older. Hello 32! So young! you all say. Perhaps. But I’ve always thought of myself as an old soul. Maybe just a solitary soul…one that’s good in crowds.
2. What shall I do for my birthday today? Well, considering I’m writing this on Wednesday, my Birthday Eve, I don’t yet know. Tonight I’m sitting on the couch, Nick is in his chair, there is a fire in the fireplace. Only the second since I’ve lived in this house…just over two years now.
3. I can make a good fire, you know. It’s been roaring along. Nick’s been getting the benefit of the warmth though…he’s closer to the fire. I’m across the living room.
4. Letterman is on right now. Richard Simmons is one of the guests. For a guy his age, he’s got great legs, well, thighs, but he’s very knock-kneed, which I never noticed before. But really, all I can say is that I’m glad he hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Instead he got a Bedazzler. I don’t know which is more scary.
5. Anyway, the dogs are in tonight. It’s supposed to get really, really cold tonight. And tomorrow night. I like having the dogs inside, laying on my feet. Wrigley is bigger, and therefore makes a better foot warmer. But she also farts bad.
6. It’s also supposed to rain/sleet/snow tomorrow. If the kids end up having off from school, I may get to stay home. But I am close to work, and I did send an email to my team telling them to use their best judgment. I guess I have to be a good example, so if it’s not too dangerous, I’ll end up going in for awhile.
7. I’m 32. Wow. Time flies.
8. Last year, Nick threw me my first ‘surprise’ party. I put ‘surprise’ in quotes because he ran into some planning issues, and in a moment of weakness he spilled. But it was still sweet. No one had given me a surprise party before. There’s a picture of us on my desk that was taken at the party last year. We’re both laughing and smiling. It’s my favorite picture of us.
9. Tonight we’ll go out with the kids for dinner. Then shopping for two new basketballs and basketball shoes. Both kids have games on Saturday.
10. Friday night is supposed to be my department’s Holiday party. I think it should warm up just fine Friday. I need to find something to wear though. It’s supposed to be ‘business casual, but I need more clothes anyway. AND I have gift certificates to DSW for new shoes.
11. Saturday night I’m going out with my friends. We’re going to The Melting Pot. I’ve never had fondue before, and I’ve heard it’s really good there. Then we’re going to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. I’ve heard that it’s a rockin’ good time. I’ll be singing and clapping along merrily.
12. Sunday I think we’ll go to brunch with my family. I have a free brunch coupon at Blue Mesa. They have great brunches. I’ll get a little hair-of-the-dog with their mimosas.
13. Happy Birthday to all my cool November birthday people! he he he…Wrigley is snoring under my feet!

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